Most legit street fighter rap? You be the judge


In my opinion, I think this track is fire.

“Joystick Madness” by Wordspit

Completely ran into this track by accident.

His flow is like papoose. I’m impressed with his knowledge of the game and ability to have a smooth flow while also tossing in a few bars about combos too. Only other main stream rapper that I know of that tried something like this was Lupe, but it was maybe 3-4 bars in a track.


This should have been an Indestructiroll.


I know right? But that woulda been too easy, nah this is for real.

What did you think though? I was caught off guard, I had low expectations going into it.





I saw that on AHH yesterday night, thought it was pretty dope. I love the mash up of the bgm from ryu’s theme (I think?) for the beat. Besides that, I thoroughly enjoy Super with the Hundred Hits anthem and all his other tracks. Reminds me of Lupe the way his voice sounds and how he trails words. [media=youtube]DljfihUGC5I[/media]

edit: Sharktongue beat me to it.


Gigaton punch is a classic. But it doesn’t go hard - it’s a different style in that respect. It’s great, but I think it’s a little too esoteric. Joystick madness has mass appeal. Not that exposure would matter on srk, but it could be used in a documentary or whatever i dunno.


what does ‘going hard’ mean? like a RZA type beat? raw and gritty? It’s all preference man, you can’t say like a RZA beat > Primo cuz of how hard it goes, it’s about the melody and how the beat portrays the lyrics and such. This is why people hate on Kanye… smh


Rap sucks. I can tolerate some songs and I was hoping I could tolerate this one.


Educational and good.



Then you don’t belong in this thread.


“I don’t smoke crack jack, just mad sacks of indo,
I’ll whoop ya ass with Ken on my super nintendo…”

is the only SF lyrics I remember in any rap song (let me take you - Anotha Level)but I haven’t listen to rap/hiphop since '96.


Naw, we hate on kanye cuz he’s a hypebeast who would sell out on the next fad with the quickness. How do you go from company like blackstar and common to god knows who that man is collaborating with nowadays? Conscious to conspicuous.

I think nas did a street fighter inspired track too.


PlayGroundLegen is talking about a part of Lupe Fiasco’s “Gold Watch”.


I don’t know if the sound quality is decent, can’t listen at work :bluu:


It was an ok track. I still prefer all of turbo’s tracks to this one but I’ll probably need to give it another listen. I liked his lines and the energy he had on the track but I think I was expecting more after reading the comments in the thread, haha.



Nothing beats the original.



Nothing else compares.


Haha no one hates on Kanye unless they hate good music. The dude has got his own style and swagger and most soulful beats on the planet. He doesn’t need to act all street or “underground” to get respect. That’s why he’s blowing up.


OP’s find was decent. I’d never listen to it more than once though.

"Do you have… what it takes… to be a street fighter?..

I don’t think you have what it takes to be a street fighter".

That ol’ Craig Mack joint shits on everything in the thread, still.

PS obanye… If you think Kanye is good. Kill yourself so I can breathe your air already.

I hate on kanye, and I like good music. Your logic is skewed, and awfully, awfully malnourished.

Where were you when kanye was jacking Millie Jackson records from local artists and never returning them? I’d guess 6th grade.
Can you determine what samples and drums he jacked from Dug Infinite on any of his tunes? No. You’d need an ear for music to do that.
Do you know how cheaply one of his most soulful joints jacked a really long loop from the Thomas Crown Affair?
No, why would you. KANYE IS DOPE THOUGH RIGHT?
Almost too long of a sample to even give props about. He just threw a drum and bass track over the sample.
What about pretty much singlehandedly owing his career, and style of sound to Dug and NO ID?
No, you wouldn’t know anything about that either.
If you see giant aviator glasses, skinny jeans and a pink paisley polo with the collar popped…you just KNOW it’s gonna be good, right?

And that dreck you consider rapping? he’s doing something far, far, far from that.
Next time you hear “Gucci” rhymed with “Gucci”… you might want to adjust your idea of good/talented.
Unless that’s exactly where your estimations end…

Don’t bother replying or derailing the thread with any defense on that faggot.

Heard some dude throw a line to the effect :
“Have you spinning around on fire, like you were bison.” or some shit.
Always thought that was halfway clever, and a nice visual.

ps, I lol’d at vega.


Correction…unless they hate POP music. It’s been a steady decline since his first (and only relevant) offering. “Blowing up” doesn’t necessarily equate to being good. Do you hear mos def on the radio a lot? What about the roots? Pharoah? No. I do hear a lot of t-pain, lil wayne and hyphy rappers. Does that mean they’re better than the initial artists I named? He’ll no. People as individuals are smart, but the masses are stupid (hence believing a plane actually hit the pentagon/crashed in Pennsylvania, hence the Vietnam war, hence the success of subpar rappers). The masses like pop music because you don’t have to think about it. It’s weak.

But I don’t want to take away from this thread, so I’ll end with this…that newgrounds vega video is hilarious. That shit had me laughing nonstop at work.


Your words are an inspiration my friend. I applaud you.