Most of my colection for sale

Is this forum still active?

I’ve got a handful of customs (Voltech, Etokki, shells) … (Dual mods of old school Chun Li, dual mod of Femme Fatale)…

Got a PS4 VLX used for maybe an hour still w/ original box.

the I have custom stick parts galore. My usual offer is if yiu buy a stick, I hook you up with some extra buttons or lever if you want.

I’ve got like 30 diff ballitops, copies of all the popuar levers (and some of the rare ones (taeyung fanta, maeyung fanta, airbag fanta, crown, JLW, JLF’s, optical JLF, etc etc;…

for buttons I’ve got nerly every coor in all kinds of diff brands/types (RGs too… and some weird colored ones I ordered from Europe like 10 years ago.).

Also got microswitches, wiring harnesse, pcbs… etc etc

This sutff has been sitting around too long. I just want to get rid of it. The more you buy, the better deal youll get.
Also – I have -tons- of custom mech Keyboard stuff. Parts, custom builds (never buiilt, rare keysets, etc.

Last thing, have random PC parts + cases along with some Video Gqme Consokle (Xbox One w/ Kinect, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U + obscene amount of games for each of them)

'm in the middle of moving to Nob Hil in SF, should be settled by Sunday

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Pics and prices? You have my interest.


most is in boxes right now as im in the middle of moving. i can send older pics if thats fine.

prices, on the customs i really was hoping to get close to what i paid for them. ($300’ish) the voltechs i consider very rare and want to be compensated for that. the VLX was also $300 but can come down a little.

however, it hink i can make up for that cost by throwing in other arcade parts to sweeten the deal even

and will give great deals if yiou buy multiples, or -a great- deal for my entire collection. can get a list going of what exactly that entails but it’s two big 40 qt sterilite plastic bins filled with misc parts.

Any pics of the stick, cases, and oddball buttons and balls would be greatly appreciated


PM sent

Bump for a SRK OG and a really good dude in general

The stuff I’ve bought from @skaloola in the past has always A+ and he always bent over backwards to make the sales easy to complete

Do you have any pics?

I hope that OP will keep this thread posted for as to know as to whether he have managed to sell it or not.

PM sent

PM sent!!!