Most of the time i never do combos

I just drill kick, then crouch jab and jab flying viper.

They usually retaliate after the crouch jab with a crouch kick or jab themselves, so the flying viper almost always lands.

Afterwards i’ll try and get a tornado hook in there.

I can’t do combos…

best combo i can do is jab or lowkick into jab tornado hook. I just can’t seem to get anything in the corner after a feirce uppercut.

raing cobra is too slow to land… I have to usually guess when they will jump in and most of the time I miss.

I throw the turtles with some snake fang

Oh, and should i bother with a jab or medium snake fang? I dunno, feirce does more damage and it seems to be the same speed and length as the others…

wtf? this isn’t even a question it’s just some random shit to clutter up a forum. Some one needs to mod me on the necro forums so I can clean all this shit up. GOD.


Oh, shit, I’m so sorry.

I thought this was a board of dicussion, I guess I was wrong.

Fucking dipshits, goodbye.

Dicuss what? You didn’t even ask anything, or lay out any kind of coherent topics for discussion.
All you told us, is that you suck at doing combos. What the hell are we going to talk about? How much you suck?
Maybe if you actually worded your goddamn post right, we’d give you some advice on how to do some, except that you know… there’s already a combo topic posted.
Goddamn, some people are stupid.

thank god someone else gets it.