Most people use a wired or wireless internet?

For fighting games? I just saw that Sven from Capcom said its better to use a Wired, but my question is does it make a difference? When my roommate starts using Netflix in the other room, the bandwidth gets nasty, so I was wondering if using a Wired would make things better?


Wireless just gives you a few more random lag spikes.

Netflix + gaming = no go, no matter what you use to connect with, unless you have the bandwidth of the gods.

Wired isn’t FASTER than Wireless… It’s just more stable.

^this, Fighting game players love wires :rofl:. But seriously so many things can go wrong with wireless internet that if it’s an option you should play with a wired connection.

Wired. Learned my lesson when I kept eating j.HKs while trying to Guile air throw obvious jumps in SF4.

I tried gaming while my GF was using Netflix, it was markedly worse, even though I’ve got FioS and everything.

Used to play wireless because I’m a lazy bastard. But I strictly play wired now. It helped a lot in AH3 when I went from a 0 to a 4 in terms of connection quality. I’m no internet expert though.

:slight_smile: THX guys, going wired.