Most played characters

Just curious to see if there is a difference of the most used characters in Japan and US. At least in the US i was thinking: Yun, Ken, Chun in the order of most often played characters. Am i right?

I’d say Ken is the #1 most played character in 3s. :bluu:

I would say Shotos and Urien.

That’s only judging from my area though.

Urien in NorCal. Everywhere else, the top 3

From what I’ve seen on the east coast (including the C3 tournaments in Sterling VA I regularly go to), definitely Ken. He’s just too fucking solid to not use. He’s good to get into as a beginner and he has some hardcore shit to him that’s just too good to not use at high level.

Twelve. Everywhere.

you play many chuns a lot?

no doubt

I wonder where twelve is…



I can’t find Twelve anywhere. I’m usually the one randomly picking him during casuals at tournaments. Valle has a mean Twelve though.


i barely see any Urien players in jersey/nyc

mostly kens, hugos and dudleys

i have never seen someone play necro as a main.

The top 3 are definitely way over used where I play. Urien and Dudley take the 4th and 5th spot. Other than that, you get random characters if it’s casuals.:sad:

My main usually alternates between Urien and Necro but there aren’t any other Necro users that I personally know of…:shake:

Oh yeah!

If we look at evo this year we can pretty much see who is the most played characters.

Beginner and mid level Ken, high level Yun/Chun

From what I see.

Ken/shotos (mostly ken) = 55%, Urien = 25%, Other = 20%.

Just because 3 japanese people and Pyrolee took top 8 at Evo does NOT make yun anywhere near most used character. Far from it actually.

I’m suprised to not see as many chuns as i thought i would see. Granted she is a tope tier character and she is popular, but i’ve recently seen more kens than chun. When i first started to play chun seemed like a easy character to get good with fast. So i figured many people would choose her for that factor. But then again, i’ve never really tired to pick ken as a character.

I thought the same thing. I guess she’s just so easy shes boring. At least Yun requires some dedication and Ken requires some basic knowledge of how to play fighting games. I guess thats why most Chun players take other characters and save Chun for tournaments.

Well, Chun play might seem pretty simple and everything, but it’s still a lot different than what casual street fighter players are used to.

Shotos are just THE characters of street fighter. Anyone that’s played any previous street fighter game sometime in their life and is just picking up 3S is likely to look for the character with the ‘fireball,’ ‘dragon punch’, and ‘hurricane kick’. So obviously, shotos all get picked by newer characters (Ken/Akuma/Ryu).

Ken is the best out of the three, though, and eventually as people shuffle through the shotos, they figure this out and stick with him. It’s also a lot easier to ‘learn’ how to play Ken for most players because 70% of the time you watch a 3rd strike game, there will be a Ken playing (at least in the states). So you just watch how other people play Ken and XCOPY that shit.

Eventually I think people branch out and play other characters if they even bother to do so, but Ken is just a really firm foundation where you can just learn how to play 3rd strike, since he can do just about everything. And sometimes him being so solid gives no reason to switch to another character.

I mean, I started off in 3rd strike with Ryu, which graduated to Ken. I went through a Hugo phase for a while cause I liked the idea of having good stamina and stuff like that (and wow factor when you do godtier shit like jumpin gigas or wakeup swirl-the-stick-around-so-the-cabinet-shakes 360s), but eventually settled on Chun because she best compliments my playstyle.