Most popular arcade fighting games in Japan!

SF IV and new 3-D fighter from Capcom in Japanese arcade charts!!!

*Latest top 10 ranking from Aracadia

  1. TEKKEN 6
    303.2 / Pts.

    269.4 / Pts.

  3. Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam VS. Gundam
    254.7 / pts.

4. Fate / unlimited codes (highest new entry) 3-D fighter from Capcom
201.9 / Pts.

  1. Virtua Fighter 5 R (new entry)
    183.3 / Pts.

6. STREET FIGHTER IV (new entry)
181.5 / Pts.

  1. Arcana Heart 2
    169.8 / Pts.

    121.4 / ptss

  3. MELTY BLOOD Act Cadenza
    102.3 / pts.

  4. Mobile suit Gundam SEED DESTINY combination vs. Z.A.F.T.II
    87.9 / Pts.*

Melty Blood, Gundam Vs., and Arcana Heart? Ugh.
I would fucking hate Japan’s taste in ARCs if 3s, KOF and Guilty Gear weren’t up there.

Tekken was no surprise, MSG: GvG certainly was though.

Fuck yeah.

the eternal 3s

Really/ MSG: GvG is no surprise. The gundam fighters are super popular in Japan. Lots of arcades have them, and even when the arcade isnt that busy, i see that game being played a lot.

how in da fuck is tekken the most popular game in japon

i thought people were good at fighting games over thurr

It’s overtaken VF for awhile now.

The hardcore players got more into it after Nin came from Korea and raped everyone at SBO (this was 5.0 I think), and borrowing VF’s card/customization system has helped draw in the more casual types.

I wonder if the goofy juggle/bound combos in 6 aren’t a part of it as well; Japan really seems to go for that sort of thing (see HnK & Sengoku Basara).

And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m glad to see Arcana up there. I got to watch quite a bit of AH2 at the C3 tournament, and it’s leaps and bounds ahead of the first one or Melty IMO.

cuz its new and hot and cuz VF is the only other 3d game there (while guilty melty basara and arcana all belong to the same category of new-school 2d fighters so they all need to “fight” on the same crowd).
i remember many times when GGXXAC was 1st and one time when gundam was 1st and melty blood 2nd :slight_smile:

That list seems random to us (or at least to me), but it isn’t that suprising considering Japan is the land where fighters are made.

If it were well balanced, I wouldn’t mind throwing down on some Gundam Vs.

Cool. somebody on ususally updates us with the arcadia listing every month. I just haven’t seen it for a while.

I think ever since DR came out it’s been the most popular? If not, it’s been up there.

And soon enough, these numbers will drop like Enron stocks.

The problem with that list is that they didn’t watch this before voting or maybe they’re still that hurt over Justin running the clock on them.

I’m surprised MB is still up there considering Japan was supposedly not playing it anymore. Maybe it still has some SBO game hype going on. I did think 98UM would be higher though.

I’m surprised VF is doing so poorly, is that due to R not being out yet , or disappointment over 5?

Hopefulyl AH2 gets a 360 port, that’s about the only way I’ll be able to try it. Won’t happen though.

Hmmm Gundam vs Gundam? Is that game good? And is it coming out in the US?

apparently is good, but who knows, the japanese are whores for gundam:china:

I am not in the least bit surprised Arcana Heart 2 is doing well in Japan

arcana looks fun as hell. I’ve been watching mad videos of it.

Mobile suit Gundam SEED DESTINY combination vs. Z.A.F.T.II… that game is awesome, surprised it’s still pretty popular. competition for that must be bad ass in japan.