Most Popular Arcade Games in Japan

The list is for most profitable stand-up machines (so, games like Initial D, with unique machines, have their own listing - you can see them in their websites).

The list comes from the biggest arcade magazines in Japan:

Arcadia Magazine:

1: Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned
5: Movement soldier Z Gundam
6: WORLD SOCCER Winning Eleven Arcade Game Style 2003
7: POWER Smash 2

Amusement Journal:

1: Movement soldier Z Gundam
2: Virtua Fighter 4

wow, Chaos is holdin up nicely…surpried yet somehow impressed

Shameless SNK propaganda?

Seriously, just play the games if you like them. It’s amazing that SNK arcade games manage to be popular at all when it seems most SNK fans spend more time and effort into promoting SNK games than they do actuaully playing them.

Movement soldier Z Gundam

The best translation ever…where do you get this?

I got it in the sites linked.

And i play KOF every weekend, thank you very much. I dont have a MVS in my house or work, so explain to me how am i supposed to be playing it even now? Hmm? Plus… if we had three VFs or SFs listed there instead of KOFs you wouldnt say it was propaganda.

P.S: I am a part of every local KOF tourney (last one was KOF 2002, in July). So… yeah, youre talking out of your ass, booda.

and? your point?

a japanese list of there most profitable games reflects there society, this is the United States of America we have a very different culture so games like those might be great and all cus we know how much u like kof. but in the states arcades have never been as big as they r in japan so games like soul calibur/tekken, mvc2, and street fighter r actually the big names here since our society isnt as heavily soiled in the gaming culture that japan has.

mvc2 is probably the most profitable cabinet in the states right now.

and the fact svc is on that list sure says one thing about that culture… whatever shit snk craps out they’ll play. is this true? i dont think so but svc is surely a poor, poor game here.

  1. You do realize the thread is named “Most Popular Arcade Games in Japan”? THAT is the point. Its a listing so people that are curious can find out what the most popular arcade games in Japan are.

  2. You do realize that YOU clicked in this thread?

  3. You do realize that you said “probably” in the MVC2 comment, and that i would say “and? your point?” to that?

Perhaps, but I’d still be wondering what your point is.

Talking out of my ass, eh? Hm, let’s re-examine my statement:

Odd, nowhere do I say you. In fact, I took into account that not all SNK fans are this way by saying it seems and most SNK fans.

And EVERDRED’s right, the difference in what the Japanese play is the result of a difference in culture. That’s nice that they like VF4 and KOF:MI, but it doesn’t say anything about the U.S. (note: SRK is a U.S.-based website). What it appears you are implying is that since Japan plays those games, they are better, and therefore everyone should play them.

Odd, nowhere do I say that.

haha oh my god svc chaos. japan gets both thumbs down :tdown: :tdown:

edit: and how does popular translate to profitable?

And? Your point?

Not only the thread title clearly states that this is about Japan (not the US), but also… Some people in SRK do care about whats happening in Japan.

I see a lot of people here caring not only about the games being released in Japan, but also match videos from Japan and Buktooths Japan log. A log where he mentions the games being played in japanese arcades (one of the most popular topics discussed in that log). If you dont care about any of those things, then by all means, dont click on the thread named “Most Popular Arcade Games in Japan”.

SvC is played in a casual sense because if you play to win(against others), then you’re using those broken things in the game to your advantage. Which turns into no further competition, and no further fun. I’ve seen shitloads of Earthquakes, Hugos, Kims(myself included), Dans, Kyos, WAY too many Ioris and Terrys, a few Shiki’s here and there, and the occasional Shoto(Gouki more than the other 2.5). It’s not ALL bad

I hope folks aren’t judging SNK’s worldwide fanbase with that of the US one. SNK has been pumping out games for years. Why wouldn’t players actually be playing the games? How do you think SNK lasted this long?

damn… even there not much virtual on players…

he didnt say u said that … he said u IMPLYED it … not said …

SNK did ok till then went belly up and got saved by playmore.

by posting what japan likes u r implying that if japan likes this and that then it must be “THE BEST” (saying your on the winning and smarter side while most of us here are not). the fact u have all that kof stuff/snk titles on that list makes it easy to see what u r implying.

and yes i clicked on this thread, i wanted to see what the hub bub was about. it seems u like starting snk vs capcom wars. i can see the upcoming battle on the horizon coming soon.

Heh, my goodness, are you all so self-concious that posting a list of Japan’s top Arcade games is an attack on your tastes?

Lists like this aren’t uncommon, so what’s the big deal. I think of it as more of a way to compare the tastes between different areas. “Hmm… they play a lot of SNK games. SVC Chaos? Go figure…” lol.

To infer that the list is an attack on our tastes is just silly. Get over your insecurities already.

eh to me this is just an interest thread. People want to see what the nihon-jin’s are playing. There’s no point is claiming that something is there to “big up” certain companies. Unless someone here actually lives in japan or has solid information to argue against this list you might as well take it as gospel.

are you meaning the other way around? if it is the other way around, it’s pretty common sense how profitable = popular.

Note that some of the listed games are pretty old, and most likely they are placed at an aracade at around 50~100 yen price. Games such as World Soccer and Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam (Not “movement soldier” mind you.), although they are both kind of old, have a large shelf space and expensive board so they may run anywhere from 50 yen to 200 yen, VF4 FT being pretty new and most likely won’t be running at anything below 100yen price.

Now with that being said, even if an old and popular game have a same fan base as 100yen or even 200yen games, their profit won’t be nearly as high as the newer, high profit games due to their cheap pricing. (Arcades in Japan do lower prices on older games and games that take up less cabinet space.)