Most Popular Characters Online

Just a survey (with no physical data) Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. As far as character selection goes, on 360, this list may represent the most popular characters online at the moment. Not surprising distribution but the amount of Akuma’s I’ve seen is staggering. And annoying…

  1. Akuma
  2. Ken
  3. Ryu
  4. Alexx**
  5. Q
  6. Yun**
    7a. Elena**
  7. Urien
  8. Makoto**
  9. Chun
  10. Sean
  11. Oro
    12a. Hugo*
  12. Remy
    13a. Yang
  13. Necro
  14. Ibuki
    *Changes after minimal discussion
    **2nd Revisions
    Just from what I’ve seen. Kind of a strange list to look at.

oro needs to be lower, chun and hugo need to be higher. otherwise i agree. plus my main character is akuma, theres too many akumas online.

chun isnt popular in 3so

Id say top 3 is dudley akuma ken

Yeah, don’t see much Chun play. Why Yang isn’t popular, I’ll never know.

Do you really see that few Yangs, Uriens, and Hugos? I pretty much never run into an Elena that isn’t me, but lots of Yangs and Uriens. A decent amount of Hugo as well.

Well, even when I played on GGPO and 2DF, there weren’t too many Urien players. I was probably one of two or three online players in Japan to use him, probably.

I agree with that list except I deff see more Q’s than Yun’s. I always wonder when I meet a Q player. …why the fuck are you playing him. (usually because they suck with him so idk)

I dunno, but it almost makes me want to go online and play against some of these Qs if they’re really as bad as you say they are.

Ive met a total of 3 yun players on all of my time in oe, and they were garbage. Ive run into too many alexs, seriously fuck alex.

counter-list, based on my own experience on 360 ranked and sometimes lobbies:

1 Akuma
2 Ryu
3 Ken
4 Dudley
5 Alex
6 Urien
7 Sean
8 Yang
9 Oro
10 Hugo
11 Q
12 Yun
13 Makoto

…and the rest really not very often.

ive played a good amount of uriens on supercade. however ALL of the uriens i have played on 3so are complete garbage.

I’m kinda wondering what supers did those top characters usually pick? I saw SA2 Kens and Goukis and shit when I tried to play random ranked.

I saw alot of sa1 kens, and the majority of the goukis I faced used sa2 or sa3.

its really disheartening

…man, I’d use Akuma’s SA3 all day if it wasn’t so shitty.

SA3 Gouki is hella legit. Just gotta watch those air fireball spacings so you won’t go carreering off into the sky without your passenger if you hit confirm from it.

So many Ken’s… that damned character is the bane of my existence.

I just started Yun so I hope I’m not one of the “garbage Yun’s” mentioned above :). Used to play Ryu a lot.

1% of Yun players on 3SO pick genei jin

99% of Yun players split between sa1 and sa2 LOL

2nd revisions made… Because, you know, we need them.



That’s Street Fighter 3 OE in a nutshell.