Most popular KOF Character

There’s a poll at SNK’s US website

is it Iori?
No orochi iori has more votes



It must be Mai
She’s in 2nd

The most popular KOFer is…

Check the Poll out at the US SNK playmore site and Vote while you’re at it

been there, done that

How is Takuma popular? I like him but wow.

Takuma is like chuck norris. How could he not be a fav?

takuma is tight, 'specially with his tengu mask, then he’s god tier. Cannonly, he’s probably one of the if not the strongest KOF fighter. I think so because he’s mastered the Shoran skill set of Kyokenryu which is the most potent. He deflected the Zero Cannon with the Haou Shikou Ken which is one of the techniques of the Shoran skill set. Takuma is like the Akuma of KOF, and he’s just as strong as Shin Akuma when he dons his tengu mask and becomes Honki ni Natta Mr. Karate.(Serious Mr. Karate) Check out wikipedia.

Takuma did get roughed up by some mystery man in 03…who?

Is that the guy who’s like Dan and Butt? (Butt :rofl:)

Yes, yes it is…

Woh, that’s unexpected. :sweat:

I will always be a fan of Angel. Flat out the most complex 2-D character, ever.

seems Mai pulled back in the lead.

I like Angel as well, but she’s by no means my fav actual character.

Terry ftw I think :smiley:

Didn’t we already have this thread not long ago?

I agree she’s like the Arrested Development of gaming, extremely good and a very devoted following, but not just doesn’t get the popularity you would expect with someone that has almost 3D depth in a 2D game. But Takuma, I’ve always liked him but MOST POPULAR? What about Duck King???

^ Nobody probably remebers Duck King. Well that and he’s only been in KOFXI I don’t think that poll includes FF as a KOF tourney.

Athena then Whip.

Go Go Fanboy Rangers :rolleyes:

Seriously I like Mai a lot too. In fact she is pretty darn powerful in KOF and if played right she can do some pretty decent damage in CVS2. However she is not the best in the KOF lineup. That honor would go to Terry then Iori and Kyo. After that it’s anyone’s game.

If you like Mai and Terry so much go play Fatal Fury. Kof is all about the kof exclusive characters. Daimon is my hero.

Just voted for KIM! Don’t know why he isn’t leading the polls.

I actually prefer either Joe, K’, K9999 and Yamazaki. Still anyone mind telling me why Candy even has ONE vote, when she is a glorified special move?

Seriously the fact that Kula still has strikers has always bugged me. And XI doesn’t help matters either. And Angel lack of popularity is a surprise to me as well, since she has everything a character needs from gameplay right down to fan service.