Most popular restrictor plates?

While I’m waiting for my octagonal restrictor plate to arrive in the mail (training wheels, I need 'em) I’m wondering what the most widely used kind of gate is. I’m assuming it’s square, just because that’s what’s in the box, but do many who have the option switch to something else? Is it considered bad form to use an octagonal gate, the way I assume it’s considered bad form to use the L1 and L2 buttons to do ultras in SSFIV?

Octagon gates are like putting training wheels on a Ducati.

Play and use whatever you are most comfortable with imo.

i used to use octagonal, i dont judge but i switched out of convenience cause i wanted to be used to square whenever i went to an arcade or used a friends stick

Square is the most common, if only because 90% of tournament players use unmodded TEs.

I started with a square, played on an octagon for a while, and now (once again) play on a square gate. My execution went up both times I switched gates.
While the technical superiority of square gates is pretty obvious, my experience was that learning to play on an octagon helped my performance on square as well.

Unfortunately, I need a square to play Tekken (can’t EWGF without it), and prefer an octagon for 2D fighters. I have a hard time doing certain motions on either stick, but I can play pretty competently on either one.

To answer the question, I’d say the square is most popular, but I think the octagon is easier to learn, if you’re having trouble getting the hang of the stick from a pad.

I would love to see that on the Desmosedici ^_^.

Stick with square and put a couple hours in training mode each week and you’ll be fine

Most western (North/Central/South America and Europe) arcade cabinets come with joysticks that have round gates. Don’t let the fanboys fool you, specially if they only play SF4: each kind of stick is different and the differences in activation angle, distance, gate, spring and handle type (ball top or bat top) matter. SF4 lets you obtain moves with wrong motions, so precision is not enforced. Also note that arcade parts are attached to a whole cabinet structure, so they don’t shake or move somehow. If you have a very precise joystick but you do not know exactly its position and orientation, such precision serves you nothing.

Square gates are probably most common because they’re stock. I played on them for the longest until my friend had a modded SE with octagonal gate, and I never looked back. If you’re modding a stick, I always say it’s worth extra $5 to try the octogate. You really gotta feel it and see what you like yourself.

This is what I’m most loving about trying a stick right now - the parts are inexpensive enough that experimenting is a snap.

yeah thats true most western cabs do have round, though i think there are places that are changing, especially modern fighting games. i believe AI has mostly if not all japanese style cabs, and my local arcade has japanese style cabs/joysticks as well which is why i decided to go with square