Most possible damage in an MVC3 combo?


Whats the most possible damage you can get in a combo in MVC3 in the current version of the game? With/Without Dark Phoenix? And obviously no stuff like level 3 x-factor with all 3 characters alive, legit combos only.

7,703,900 - Dark Phoenix Solo
2,235,000 - Tron/Zero/Spencer
is the biggest I’ve been able to find. But post some stuff here, let’s see how high that damage number can go o.O.


I feel like you could make an endless combo with aerial exchanges and DHC glitch so that would be the highest damage combo possible. Even without aerial exchanges you should be able to get several reps of DHC glitch using certain characters especially ones that can build meter while doing the glitch, factor in some xfactor and that be alot more than 2.235 mill easily. I saw a video of a combo like this at one point that did lots of DHC glitch reps.


The most damage possible in an MvC3 combo is 1,300,000, the current highest HP in the game.

Theoretically in training mode its possible to get an infinite amount of damage provided relatively easy access to the DHC glitch and downward TACs. An example would be Storm starting with Elemental Rage opener to Hyper Sentinel force, Sentinel relaunches, does a Down TAC to Storm, repeat ad nauseum. Since you get a total of 3 TACs you can add in additional Down TACs as needed.


Just made an infinite using Elemental Rage, HSF and down exchange.

ERxxHSF s.M S j.MMH fly j.LMH down exchange back into Storm j.HS ERxxHSF…

You need two meter to start it, but you have two meter by the time you do the next ER so it ends up even.(You actually make a fraction of a meter more than 2 every rep, so you make meter doing it)


He said legit combos.If you abuse air exchange combos, it doesn’t count, because they can be broken by the opponent.


You can easily get over 3 million with solo magneto and hyper grav loop in xfactor lv3 + gravity squeeze.


Not sure if you guys saw the video posted last week, but Dante did a combo that included all his moves for a lil over 2 mil dmg. He only used XF to do his very last move at the end. So its a legit combo.


Not that it’s serious but who has 1.3mil? Sentinel was the only char with 1.3mil pre-nerf. After Sent was Thor with 1.25mil. Haggar, Tron, Wesker, Hulk all have 1.2mil.


this guys =p see the combos in the OP for inspiration.

the magneto loop thing sounds legit tho, is there a vid?


Dante can pull 2million+ without xfactor legitly…


Chun li has an infinite after one tac up…

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If we’re splitting hairs Wesker has 1.1mil. ;3

But yeah, highest is 1.25 with Thor which is almost irrelevant… who uses Thor? lolol.

They said no TAC combos.

I think considering that crazy Dante combo vid only used X-Factor in the very end, it might trump Magneto’s 3m+ combo.


Why no tac ? Its possible and logical, get rid of the glass cieling…
Do a simple abc tac up… how hard is that to pull off?

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Doesn’t C. Viper have a legit infinite?


Yes she does, this game has infinites just damage scaling…

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Bumping this thread up to post this.


Where? I can’t find it in the dante forums



I’m no pro, but I like my 870k-ish damage combo with just Akuma, no XF, without being in the corner, 2 meters. Haven’t played in a while, but I think it’s:
L M H 6H x 412L~L, 2M 2H S sj j.M j.M j.H x 214L xx 236AA, (land) 236AA~H