Most realistic fps coming to a system near you


Hands down this is the best graphics I have seen anywhere. There should be no complaints about frame rates either. Enjoy:woot::arazz:



Hahah that video is sick.

Wrong board tho dude.


rofl, well done!


Oh sorry, still new, mods it was a mistake if it has to be moved please do. Oh what anime is your AV?


Occult Academy.


LoL. Nice.


No blood on the knives after stabbing someone? Everything about that video was pretty cool, but no blood on the knives? Come on…


You have to turn on all blood modes in the settings and turn on all graphics settings, otherwise you’ll miss some reality.

Bonus realism: About once, ever, a plane will crash, killing many players.


guy is so good at making these :rock:


That was pretty cool, he should do a rape simulator game next!


there is not to much blood in a knife after u stab some one in real life, it just feel greasy.


that was dope! XD


Haha, funny vid!