Most reckless rushdown character?

Haven’t gotten a lot of play time but wanted to know - what characters play like a maniac with reckless abandon?

Thank you!

since this game has homogenized normals, every character has access to the same strong normals and has the foundation for a strong offense.

if you want raw nonstop offense you’d have to play ryu, as he is the only character who can parry things other characters would have to block.


Rashid or Cammy. R.Mika could overwhelm people too but she isn’t as fast.

And bison


Definitely a tie between Rashid and Cammy. For recklessness it would be Rashid because if you whiff with him; you’re gonna have a bad time.

necalli and vtriggered chun.

Every character it seems like to me. I’m new to SF but it seems like I get knocked down and once they are on top of me I can’t do anything. DP beats everything I can do when getting up.

Okay, so there isn’t any mindless rushdown characters. You have to think in order to beat a lot of characters’ strong foostie buttons. The most dedicated rushdown characters are probably the strike grapplers (R.Mika, Laura) and Necalli. Ken and Nash both have fireballs to help them play a bit more of a midrange game and Zangief is his own beast.

You can’t really play recklessly with any of these character, but the first three are probably the best if you want to go ham once you get in

Yeah the grapplers are the closest you’re going to get to going HAM in this game. There isn’t going to be any SFIV Fuertes, Yuns, Seths, Vipers or Rufus’ in this game. The offense is just generally more honest.


One mistake I see a lot of new players make is not making use of quick rise and back roll, giving the opponent all the time in the world to push them into the corner and/or set up their offense.


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Based on what I am seeing online…it’s Ken.

God no, he’s actually quite methodical in SF5 when you’re playing him; same as 3rd Strike! Only SFIV had a reckless Ken due to FADC’ing his SRKs for free block 50/50s and his kara throw being dominant in tandem with the inherent strong jab pressure of the game.

My vote goes to R.Mika, my reasoning for it is because she can only play one way IMO, recklessly. You have to get in that ass when playing Mika, can she be played passively at all? Rashid could probably be played passively if you chose to do that…not saying it’s strong but he has the tools for it. Mika just seems like she’s built to go HAM at any given opportunity, especially given her corner game.

You can fight more methodically with R.Mika. She can’t convert stuff without getting close but she has the tools to play mid range when she wants. She can also slow the game down once her V Trigger is ready pretty well.

Umm… blocking? If they’re just DP’ing on your wakeup it should be beyond easy to counter that.

She has to play midrange until she has VT and even then it isn’t a “start your game for free card” (just a “probably start your game for free” card). Laura, R.Mika, and Necalli can go ham once they’re in but you can’t be reckless in neutral or you’ll just lose without performing a single mixup.