Most Reliable Anti-Air for A-Sakura

rc hurricane kick?
rc fireball?
back up, s. hk?
c. fp?
s. fp?
jump mp?

All of those are pretty good. RC Fireball can be thrown if not timed properly. They’re all situational. ground I tend to use RC Hurricane/Fireball or far s.hp. Close s.hp if I’m being crossed up. C.fp at certain angles. for air to air. Part of being a good Sak player is knowing when to do each.

I don’t know about most reliable AA, as they all have their uses, but her close standing fierce has gotta be the best non-wake-up anti-crossup in the game. That crap will hit random crossups (i.e. Blanka) cleanly. That shit hits from all angles----front, right above, and even behind! :eek: