Most reliable site to buy arcade parts?

i need some spare parts, someone know the best one out there? or or

This is the best site around

edit: just wanted to add. they are very professional. if they mess up, its their fault and will take care of it. no need for customers to call eachother and try to remedy this amongst themselves. they will not continue to take orders when they know they are weeks behind.

also, the wait isnt even that long from japan. Ive never waited more than a week for anything other than a pre order.


For me,

Any of the ones listed are damn good too.

this. but i didnt wanna go through a hassel to get send a money order since i dont use credit cards.
amazon goes through certain suppliers, i payed 33 bucks(when including tax n shipping) for my 6 buttons, they called me and asked what colors i wanted, then shipped then and there. they came in 3 days, so i would go with amazon if you want a pack and quick shipping since i only had standard shipping.

Gamingnow is in my opinion the best
Fair prices
Fast shipping
Easy to deal with

Meh, I paid 35 shipping for 8 red sanwas and a red bubble top a few days ago <3
They use paypal so it’s pretty easy to order. And they were shipped yesterday, which is good.

Akihabara is great, Lizard lick has been great too. GamingNow is really good when they are on top of things but i’ve had two orders that have missed parts before so their only “ok” overall to me.

Another vote for AkihabaraShop. Lizard Lick is great when they aren’t backlogged, and kfree from ModChipMan takes care of his customers.

Go take a peek at the modchipman thread. I wouldn’t have a problem with it so much if they didn’t lie all the time. I’ve been told my stuff would be coming in “next week”, every week. For the last four weeks.

I had a good experience with Rollie Electronics via the forums, two times I got my stuff in a really short amount of time, no problems at all.

AkihabaraShop and GamingNow are my favorites… I’m on my 7th gaming now order and 4th akihabara shop orders right now. The people at lizard lick seem like really straightforward people as well and they probably have the best prices of any of the US sellers for the stuff they carry. The one order I placed with ModChipMan was delivered fairly quickly and the prices weren’t too bad, but they leave up items on their site that they are out of stock of and seem to occasionally overestimate how quickly they’ll be able to restock… not really their fault but just not my style for how I like to purchase.

I doubt they’re lying to you. Their supplier is just probably having issues. Modchipman is the only guy I’ll order from, and I almost always get my stuff within 3 days.

Then they should say “our supplier is having issues”. One person in the modchipman thread had been waiting on his custom box (what I ordered, and what should be coming in “next week”) since late July. That product is featured on their front page.

I called and they told me the delay was because they were making it out of ‘better wood’. :rolleyes:

I wouldn’t be upset if they just said “It’s going to be a really long wait”.

Don’t take my word for it, check the thread.
From what I gather, ran by a guy in Sweden with a partners in Japan to ship out the parts. Best selection of Japanese parts, but don’t carry American stuff.

** **
In California and have a good selection of Seimitsu and Sanwa parts. Especially Seimitsu Buttons. Some American Style stuff and custom stick accessories and cases. Caters to Joystick builders. My favorite since they have real time inventory tracking. If they are out of stock you cannot order it.

** **
In North Carolina. Have a really balanced selection of Japanese and US parts and some niche stuff or old arcades and random stuff. Great resource for restoring Arcade cabinets.
Based in Illinois. Good selection of joysticks and buttons. Joysticks is just one facet of their business and they offer a lot of other videogame products and services.
In Greater Toronto Area (GTA). A place for Canadians to go to avoid getting charged customs fees.
UK store. Never ordereded off the website, but bought some Sanwa Joysticks off them from ebay.
German Site. Have a lot of things listed but don’t carry a lot of stock of somethings on hand. Never ordered from them due to shipping cost from Europe, and horrible exchange rate against Euro.

Then in the Trading Forums:

Laugh - is the guy to go to for Korean Parts and korean convertors.

Ponyboy - Heard good things from him but I never had dealings myself.

Any Aussies reading this thread should check out

They have Sanwa/Seimitsu sticks and Sanwa buttons. They are based in HK and I got my order in 4 days. They are the cheapest option I’ve found for Aussies.

I’m a regular Lizard Lick customer.

After seeing what Airthrow had to go through to get his money back from, I wouldn’t deal with them. Wiz had to threaten to ban him before Airthrow got his money back.


I’m a big fan, if you’re just getting the basic stick+buttons, then you can’t go wrong. Because it’s a small operation, you get your stuff in no time, as opposed to the long waiting times for the bigger sites that can get backed up.


I dealt with ponyboy before. It was perfectly fine. iL parts came great and quick.
I dealt with laugh, he’s cool as hell and ships it quickly too. I used LL a long time ago and got my parts quick but after the rush i had friends order and they didnt get theirs for a long time, i don’t know how the demand is now.
I have used akihabara repeatedly and they’re awesome.
I used once and it came quick so I don’t have an issue with them.

But with all these guys there is always someone with errors/problems so… yeah I guess either way you’re taking a chance.