Most SF2-like character?

Are there any characters in the cast that have SF2 playstyles? I’m really trying to get into 3s but I can’t find an enjoyable character so far.

Maybe Remy. This game’s about as far off as you can get from ST though outside of throw mix-ups. Parry changes everything.


Alex------------------------>Closest is Zangief
Yun------------------------->Noone Maybe Fei Long
Yang----------------------->Noone Maybe Fei Longs stunt double
Necro---------------------->Dhalsim stretchy arm parts are awesome
Sean----------------------->Dan from MvsC2 and some other SF games ive never played
Elena---------------------->IDK Cammy?

maybe necro but no one really plays like st

Some people might argue that Urien has something like the old non-close-range positioning strategies in ST because of aegis, but you’d probably need to have a good understanding of the theory behind fighting games before a similarity like that is even apparent. And wasting time with theory usually means you’re not getting closer to liking a game or being good at it.

What you should do is pinpoint what you don’t like about the 3S characters you’ve tried.

Yeah, Urien and Remy are the only two that come to mind really, and even that’s stretching it, but Urien is far more execution intensive than anything in ST.

o SF2 “styled” fighting. i misread

Q fights a bit like Balrog, except without the massive damage but great defense. Yang fights kinda like Fei Long, his mantis slashes are basically Fei Longs chicken wings.

But 3S is more combos, less spacing than SF2. Fireballs are useless outside of move punish. If you’re looking for an SF2-style game, play something else.

chun l is by far the most sf2-like character in ths game; she’s all about spacng, she keeps guessng to a mnimum, she has a strong throw, and she isn’t combo-heavy. towards the end of my 3s career i pcked her up for ths reason.

sorry, my i key keeps gong n and out (mostly out).

Just play somebody who doesnt have fireballs but real balls like Sean

Except Boxer is all ridiculously safe rushdown, and Q can’t do anything besides turtle most of the time. Not even close to being the same outside of having a dash punch move. 'Rog had a reversal, he was fast, and his low dash was safe.

Balrog sucked.
Sagat was where its at. cheap mofo

Q is the 20 year older Balrog, incognito. Dashes are too similar, plus he was tall as hell in sf2 even in boxing stance

You’re not the only one that believes this.

Makoto’s crouch strong is the same as Fei Long’s. Obviously they are the same person :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen that Ken’s got a lot of double srk set-ups in HD remix. If I had to pick one character that was the most similar to an SFII style, it’d be Ken. In both games he has the aerial forward cross-up, you still get invincibility on the first frame of a wake-up srk, and most of his combos are similar (with some exceptions).

Chun-Li’s also pretty similar.