Most stream matches on training stage

Is it me or are most matches near the end were on the training stage?

If you’re talking about Marvel, it’s because the training stage, by default, is the first stage on the list instead of random select. I dont know why Capcom did it that way.

It’s so that every time you beat someone, you can strike a sweet pose and say “You were practice.”

It could be that they prefer the training stage due to less possibility of frame rate drops (don’t know if that’s an issue with other stages, I’m not saying it is), or could be they don’t like the disctracting aspects of certain stages, or they want to use the gridlines for spacing and such. Why does this matter?

Yep, frame rate drops really badly on any other stage in MVC3.Why bother putting tournament matches at risk because PS3 is ass?


man, that’s terrible.