Most technical character? (POLL)

This article from Eventhubs got me thinking about this. I thought the most technical character was Viper, but the variety of responses made me curious as to who the most technical character really is according to majority opinion. Due to SRK constraints, I’ve narrowed the list down to 11 characters that seemed to come up most often.

You listed Guile

no balrog in poll?

Will be hard battle between Viper and Gen.
Maybe E.Ryu should be add instead of Guile.

Don’t ask me; I was just going by some of the common responses in the comments.
I never said they were good responses.

People complain about Guile being on the list but what about Gouken is more technical?

lol no Abel, pretty much the most match up dependent character in the game?

The list should be:


None of the above.

And lol at viper and elf.

Duh. It’s obviously gen. I play him and I’m a real hero because ya know. My character is the hardest.

Get me a definition of “technical character” and I give you an answer…


I think Chun-li should be on the list. Yeah yeah her most basic bnb is possibly the easiest combo in the game but there’s so much more to her than that.
If you look at a high level Chun like Vivi and what he does it’s obvious how much effort it takes to keep up with other characters.

You have stuff like cr. HP xx legs loop which is harder than anything Gen has with his hands combos. Let’s be honest Gen’s hands have probably the loosest of timings out of all hands type attacks when it comes to canceling into them. Even Honda’s hhs combos are harder.

Then you have the links into super from st. HP and hazanshu which aren’t exactly beginner level stuff and take effort to insert them into your gameplay. Sure there’s an “easier” version of linking Hazanshu to super by linking cr. lp to st. hp to super. A two frame link to one frame link to a link to super which is a two frame link.

If you want to get damage out of her focus attack you’ll have to either go for the cr. hp xx legs loops or then cr. lp, st. hp xx hk SBK where canceling a standing normal into a down charge move is a skill in itself.

And no this isn’t boasting about how my character is the hardest to play or anything. I play Yang and Gen and I think neither take as much skill as Chun-li yet both are technical characters in their own right.

Obligatory technical =/= hard to play

Gouken probably shouldn’t be on there.

I think Hakan might be up there. Hakan, Gen, Viper.

Gouken and Guile I’d say were the least technical characters in the game. Especially Gouken. I’d even recommend those characters to beginners.

Nobody’s mentioned Yang, in his current state, it takes a lot of work to be good with that character and also heavily relies on specific set ups with his low damage output and low health.

My vote goes to Viper with Gen coming in at a very close 2nd

who are you

Required execution: Gen
Required knowledge: Gouki
Currently optional execution that will probably be required later on: Yang (many combos with multiple 1f links that increase damage output and options significantly, many of which can’t be plinked without select)
Currently optional knowledge that will probably be required later on: Seth (character timings for 3 stomps on everyone after DP FADC, character specific as well as spacing specific as well as standing/crouching specific cr.HK combos, timing variations for every fireball that can be avoided with fst.hp or at least traded, set ups to shake a stick at, knowing distances you can punish characters for throwing fireballs in response to yours with U1, knowing distances for Super and U2 traps, knowing who magneto loop still works on, knowing what normals you need to do before hand if magneto loop sort of works, being able to do a frame perfect dive kick against shotos so ghetto magneto loop can work on them, being able to confirm Hyakuretsukyaku after a stray Sonic Boom near the corner, knowing optimal FA2 backdash combos depending on what character you’re fighting, blah blah blah blah blah blah can go on for a while. You get the idea)

wtf is technical? they’re all technical in some way
did you mean execution heavy?

breaker laid out it pretty well. for me it’s execution + knowledge of character/matchups

Obviously everyone is going to respond by «my character» is the most technical, shit in the Ryu forums people are saying that Ryu is the hardest character to master. I play Seth, Ken and Sagat I know all of the three are some of the easiest.

While “techincal” is subjective, I personally define it as the amount of skill required to move the character around the screen, land hits, and execute combos.
I dunno where people got Guile and Gouken from, but I saw them in disturbing frequency so I put them in anyway. I don’t really think Gouken and Abel are THAT technical, but I saw them mentioned in the comments more often than Chun-Li or Abel, so I put them instead.

EDIT: And can anyone explain why the hell Dudley is even a choice on this list? I play him and he really isn’t technical enough to be put near Viper, Gen, and Hakan.