Most used characters?

I searched this on google and the one from Gamefaqs came up, but it is missing 2 characters and I don’t think it’s accurate. Does anyone know an official list of character usage statistics? Obviously Ryu is first, but what about the rest?

Not exactly what you’re looking for… but here’s a JP website with BP rankingsof top players for each character.
There’s a fair variety in the top 100… but much lack of Ryu.

Obviously Ryu will be picked more in statistics because he’s the staple character… but otherwise there’s only one on that list of ranked players.

Wow, interesting results! Not a single zangief in there, but 2 hawks? O.O


Also surprised that there are no Zangiefs, but I knew KojiKOG would be as high as he is. He may quite possibly be the best grappler user in the world. Its just unfortunate that T. Hawk’s bad matchups are just abysmal. On that note, I don’t think there’s any Hakan on that list either. Not a surprise, but a little sad.

no love zangief

iirc there was a japanese character popularity list a while back. Ryu and Ken were 1 and 2, followed by Akuma, Juri, Yun or something like that.

Event Hub did an unofficial ranking back in ssf4. Its definitely changed somewhat since then (E Ryu and Oni would likely be up there for usage), but with a sample size of over 4000 ranked matches, this is about as close to an official ranking you can get from then.

Zangief is busy defending Soviet skies.

I don’t even think there’s a chun li on that list O.O

Giefs on there. Itabashi and Zangitan.

A lot of chars arent on there. Chun, Duds, Elf, Vega, Seth, Honda, Guy, Rose, Dan, DJ, Oni, E ryu, Gouken.

Thats about it though.