Most useful SA?

Im new around here, so plz, no flamming me…

I just wanna know his most useful special and why it’s better then the rest. One other thing, i find RYU one of the best characters in the game. Why is he a middle tier?

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

The answers to both of your questins can only be answered based on your personal tastes. I’ve seen each of his SA’s used pretty well. I personally like the Denjin mainly because of stun; It doesn’t do an amazing amount of damage, but the Denjin itself plus a free jump-in combo after a stun does. The Shinkuu can be used if you like using EX moves a lot, and Ryu’s EX hado is pretty good since it’s fast, hits twice, and knocks your opponent down. And a lot of players find that middle or bottom tier characters are perfect for them…don’t let the tier list limit you to using certain characters that you don’t feel super comfortable with.

I don’t really care about the tier list either (unless the character a sub medium or a low tier :rofl: ). Well, i use both ex and special moves so which one suits me good. Denjin can be parried, so why pick that??? That means there has to be a secret behind it :rofl:

Denjin setups are dangerous because most of ryu’s normals and specials do good stun. So, by the time you have them in a setup to use denjin, they’re stun bar is usually 1/3 - 1/2 filled, meaning you don’t need a fully charged denjin to stun them. Instead, a 2-3 hit denjin might be enough.

This is where mind games come into play, as the timing of the release is what makes parrying it difficult. Charging for a little longer than usual can mess up parry timings, while releasing early might catch them unprepared. -> cr. sp x lp fb xx SA3 is a good setup to use, as it prevents them from jumping up and over the denjin. So, they’ll have to parry it to avoid getting hit. Using denjin from full screen is a terrible idea, btw.

The secret behind denjin? Unlike his other SA’s, denjin is unblockable.

Above post pretty much covered it, but Denjin is a set-up super. The idea is to make it as hard as possible for your opponent to parry it. Sure you can parry it easy if you do it across the screen, but how about RIGHT next to the guy? Then he has no choice but to guess when you’re gonna release it, maybe you release it a split second later than he thought, boom.

Or you can make the parry really hard. Knock the guy down and then slow hadoxxDenjin. Now he has to parry the first fireball, then the denjin, but you throw the denjin in a way that messes up his timing. If he blocks the first ball, then he has to red parry the rest, which isn’t easy if you’re playing screwy with the timings.

Say your opponent has been knocked down and has his stun up 50%, just go up to him and f.fpxxfpSRKxxDenjin. If the SRK hits, great, but if it doesn’t, he’s trapped in blockstun for a second and he has to guess which 2 frames in the 60 frames per second that you’re going to release the damn thing, right up next to him. Sure you only get 2=3 hits of the Denjin, but at 50% stun that’ll be enough to stun him.

You rotate/wiggle the stick to get it to charge faster, btw.

But to your post, the most USEFUL SA is the first one cause it gives you tons of stock for Ryu’s great EXs. As a super its alright, a lot of bar for not much damage, but that’s the tradeoff.

all of the super’s have their uses, it depends heavily on the pace you believe the game will go.

sa1 - You have decent control over spacing and the pace and you can nail moves and get some nice damage off of some ex combo’s. In the words of of eddieW, a deent “red fireball ryu”. Overall it’s a good super, you can defend well with it and you can also use it to deal some nice damage.

sa2 - To me, this super should be selected if you don’t think you can get damage in very often,= and you’re on the defending end quite often. Nailing damage often is hard so lets just sum it up in one nice heavy super that can take off more than half a person’s life if used right. It does a lot of damage, and if I think it’s most effective if it’s used in these types of situations.

sa3 - Use this when you’re confident in your ryu, A lot of sa3 is situational so knowing your ryu and the game in and out is essential for making this sa worth using because of how it comes out and what’s required to make it effective in dealing out damage and stun. Nothing is really garaunteed with this super unless you know what you’re doing.

I use sa1 because I’m not comfortable enough with ryu to be using sa3 yet. It’s a slick super and it’s fun to watch matches where it’s ussed, it’s not something you can randomly thow out like a shinkuu, but if you get the hang of it, it can be deadly. I hope that helps.

do i release my denjin right after i hit the shoryuken, or should i wait for them to get up and the release it???

Don’t release right after the shoryu…charge it while he’s in the air and on the ground. Release it when your opponent gets up but try to vary the exact time you release it to mess up his parry-timing(I’m talking less than a second differences). If your opponent is close to a stun, you can try hittiing him before he hits the ground since it is the stun that you’re aiming for, not the damage…although it might be hard since your denjin would be moving slowly.

OK, after i get my opponent stuned, what combo should i use???

Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile:

I do a jumpin fierce into shoryuken or close fierce into that one kick…the name escapes me but its done by doing a quarter circle foreward and kick

u mean joudan. Anyways, i usually use cross up mk, st. fp, SRK/Tatsumaki… but usually it’s hard to connect the mk, so which combo would do more damage???

J. fierce, c. firce canceled into roundhouse hurricane kick. That does a lot of damage and gives you enough super bar for an EX. So if you’re opponent is down to chip damage, trick him into blocking somehow and throw out an EX hurricane or maybe even fire ball.

Oh, can Akuma teleport out of Denjin setups? That might be a reason not to pick SAIII for Akuma fights.

hmmmnnnnn… so i should use SA1 against akuma Right??? Anyways, We pretty much covered SA3 but what about SA1???

I’d recommend SA1 against Akuma.

Yea, if you hit Akuma with the Denjin, you’re basically gauranteeing a win, but I think the stock of SA1 is the key here.

Red Hadouken is going to force Akuma to think about backdash traps, will let you ex shoryu out of demon flip setups (minus the trade), and generally keeps you less locked down in my opinion.

The thing is, Akuma can always teleport up and out of a Denjin set up.

Not w/ the setup I mentioned before ( -> cr.sp x lp fb xx SA3). However, the easy set ups are taken away in this case.

Another option is to use SA2… if you can build meter quick enough. Landing it on Akuma is pretty much 65% damage (give or take)… but none of Ryu’s SA’s are bad choices; it just depends on your style.

OK, thanks everyone for the info. To conclude i think SA 1 is to my liking.

Thanks again, ya’ll.

Yes SA1, muhahhaha

Yup, SA1 rocks…since i’m mostly an EX user, this fits me well and + it’s the most combofull :slight_smile:

But Denjin stuns and you build half your meter back with the combo!!! Seriously, I play with Denjin when I play Ryu and there are many times when I’ve wanted more stock for EX. But if you’re an EX user, you might want to consider Yang? EX mantis slashes are awesome.

SA1 is the best, you have EX stock, which means good damage off donkey juggles. You can deter momentum shifts with EX Hado. Also you make cr. LK threatening with SA1, as well as wakeup overheads.
SA1 also is very useful as a reversal, when EX Hado and Shoryu aren’t appropriate.