Most useless moves in fighting games x___x

  • KOF air grabs. Hard as shit to input and most of the time have no use whatsoever.

Examples: Vice and Duck King, mainly.

  • Rock Howard’s run, then jumping punch in Garou:

Looks cool but slow and predictable as hell, and almost no priority.

  • Same goes for Guy run, then flying kick:


ST Gief’s Back or Forward+MP or HP, the hopping headbutt… can’t do forward walking MP without going to neutral first or else you get this shitty move, it also has horrible recovery and tiny ass hitbox.


The entirety of the character for Scorpion in MK9 is useless. His fucking LK is -10 ON HIT. That is similar to pretty much his entire moveset.


Revolve 6C. Does absolutely nothing but serve to fuck up your combos when you accidentally hold forward too long. Fucking pointless.


Completely useless. That’s exactly why they removed it xD

I also remember they said Fei Long’s Ultra II was almost completely worthless compared to his Ultra I.


Ibuki’s Command flip

Capcom literally said that they did not know what to do with this move and that they had 1/2 a mind to remove it for USF4. Not even high level Japanese players like Sako have a found a use for the move, it only comes out when Ibuki players like myself and others far greater than me make execution errors.


It has not much to do with, but her command run also ruined the character for me; every time I try to jam her dp+K during a combo, she instead runs, and I get my ass kicked :confused:

By the way, this reminds me of Accent Core’s “golden parry” move or Jam’s parries. They’re very useless and so far I have no one taken advantage of them.


Too easy.

Kof 99 Takuma D,D+P, worst move ever, the Ki charge, takes forever and a day to start and finish, if you hold the punch down and let the whole thing animate i’m not even sure it grants you a stock even, couple that with the fact it’s kof 99 and you build meter crazy fast, shit by the time you’ve beat 1 chracter you’ll have 3 bars most of the time anyway, couple that with the fact nobody will ever let you use this move, in fact it might even grant your foe a free CH (memoryis a bit fuzzy)

The only saving grace is that the command is something you never really use in KOF, so the chances of you ever doing it by mistake are almost none

In fact kof 99 has alot of really strange shit in it and loads of useless and pointless moves, or changes to moves that made no sense at all.


Yeah. The “backroll”, or whatever that weird maneuver was supposed to be, was better to avoid D:


I hope you don’t really think this.


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