Most useless video game accessories


Post any useless video game accessories. Nintendo power glove, the thing was a big piece of shit, and didnt work. Not just that you had to type in a code to play a game. What a crock of shit.

Snes super scope, I know or heard Sega had one also but never used it. The thing took almost all the batteries in the world. And fucking didnt work also. Ill post more later.







Aura Interactor: the vest you wear that let’s you FEEL the impact! I owned it. Got it on the cheap well after it’s release. Just awful.


PSX RPG Controller from Ascii lol.

Yes, I have it.


The sega light gun the menacer was just as shit

Mega cd was usless

Some of those early light and screen magnifiers for the original game boy were really shit

Microsoft sidewinder pads for pc’s

madcatz 6 button dreamcast pads, killed 2 dreamcasts mine and a friends

Shit i just remembered one more, the sega master system joystick


I also owned the Menacer…

Like the Sega CD, it probably would have made for a fine investment with a larger, better library. However, the Menacer only allowed me to play T2.

Sega CD and 32X. I owned them. It’s hard to say I regret paying $30 for each when I got to play Sonic CD, Eternal Champions:CD, Final Fight, Virtua Fighter, and Virtua Racing Deluxe among others.


what was that mat back in the day, that let you press buttons with your body? I recall that being fucking retardedly dumb

and yeah, super scope was stupid…it was supposed to be a shoulder mounted rocket launcher, but you couldn’t aim it worth shit. I had to use it like a shotgun just to make it do anything.


Power pad for the NES?

Basically every Nintendo Wii Accessory. Do we really need a tennis racket looking plastic casing?


32X. Giant black mushroom that plugged in top of the Sega Genesis. Could also be combined with the Sega CD. I remember seeing a pic of a Genesis, Sega CD, and 32X all hooked up.


Anything Mad Catz made in the 90’s.


Power Glove, ROB, Kinect probably.


GameBoy Camera+Printer


Anything Sega released between the Genesis and the Saturn?


TE stick wth is that shit. i wasted 100 dollars when i could have bought a stick that i made that is probably cheap. i dont get it.


virtual boy. don’t know if that counts as an accessory but it sucked.


Wii and Move sports accessories…They’re just pieces of plastic crap shaped like golf clubs, tennis, swords, etc.




I got this for the SNES for Street Fighter 2…

Yeah we got so many blister on our thumb we had to use scotch tape cuz we were to cheap to buy bandaid…So instead we opted to get this piece of shit controller…It uses heat sensor, the problem is that it was impossible to do a fireball or even jump diagonally…Shit was too awkward!

Any madcatz product!


more like master system to Dreamcast. I really never used the dreamcast memory card to play games on it. Though what would be the point


The ascii rpg pad is great. Ascii was always one of the best third party controller companies (and their games weren’t half bad too)

Virtual Boy, while a commercial failure, is a quality system that is very unique, fun, and has a few seriously good games.

Now this is just silly.


Sega Fishing Controller