Most Valuable Player in your arcade/region?

Have you had any tournaments in your local arcade?
Are you are Street Fighter III Third Strike enthusiast?
Do you seek to battle it out with your local arcade goers to see who is the best?
Do you have stress problems?

Then you need to find out who is the ‘Most Valuable Player’ in your arcade (Third Strike). List the arcade you go to, then list who you consider to be the Most Valuable player there (you can give a description), and the primary character they use, and then list 5 the Street Fighter III: Third Strike players you think are the best around the world.

Arcade: X-Game Centre
Most Valuable Player: Me
Primary Character: Yang
Best Players: RX, Kokujin, J, Namijin, Me

From the UK i would say the best is:

Arcade: Casino
Most valuable player: Ryan hart (now lives in Germany)
Primary character: Ken
Best players: RX, Sugiyama, Mester, Nuki, Kuroda.

i am from santiago of chile

arcade: top the top aka "grajales"
most valuable player: italo poloni aka "itachi"
primary character: yun
best players: itachi , rx , tokido , kuroda, daigo

I must say that KO comes close to being in that list.

i thought RX killed you in one hit when you were teleporting backwards in the corner from aegis when already in the corner??? :confused: :wonder:

Teleport? My primary character is Yang. If you mean Yang’s Kaihou, then you are mistaken, because it cannot teleport backwards.

was referring to your akuma post in the akuma forums :rolleyes:

this deserves a big rotfl

who the fuck gonna teleport himself backward in a corner agains RX. WTF was that idea?

Yes, if playing with Gouki (I rarely do), I would not teleport in the corner against a competent Urien player. It is only a trick that is used infrequently for mind games.

yo is the roshi guy the real yang player? cant be!

He sure is. What kind of idiot would think otherwise? All the clues are there.

Yeah his English is getting considerably better and he’s ready for Evo this year.


Me join EVO? Sorry… I won’t be.

Snot just about came out of my nose on that one

I honestly believe this guy to be a reincarnation of the good ole poster named SFIII…

Best teleporter in my arcade: Roshikari

Check out Roshikari’s posts in the other character specific forums. Top tier advice :xeye:

e.g. - Best way to close distance with Ryu after a fullscreen knockdown - EX dragon. Opens up opportunities for mind games. Priceless :tup:

hahahah thats great ill have to try that at Gamevision when i play Kokujin in the weekly ranbats…

a roshihikari is mvp here in brazil too, but he plays tweleve