Most valuable stick to get right now?

Just use whatever controller that you are comfortable with. You don’t need an arcade stick to play fighters. Sides, pads are much more affordable.


I’m most comfortable with sticks for fighters >_>

I’m leaning towards this one:

Anyone have/recommend it?

Some good info…

If it is a Hori product, it is good shit.

There’s a dual-modded hori t5 stick for 120 in the trading outlet. It looks awesome too

Some good info…


Three threads down.

t5 as in tekken 5? nah I don’t want tekken on it >_>

Anyway I just ordered this one after all:

's got great reviews, and just looks plain badass…feel like real samurai :smiley:

for a second i thought you wanted the most expensive joystick. I would have told you to get the ostrich leather stick

I’m pretty sure APEX is this weekend and madcatz might be doing a sale on the sticks.

I have that HORI stick but the xbox 360 version. I absolutely love it! The weight is just right (not to heavy not to light). I also find the space between the stick and buttons makes it more comfortable unlike the standard space which I find cramped.

The non slip padding is better than the felt bottom that you find in some sticks like the Qanbas in my opinion. It’s not a lint or dust magnet :).

I currently have the madcatz SFXT VS, round 2 TE and the Qanba Q4. My favorite is the Hori Kai for the reasons I have stated above.

I’m confused at how the title of this thread and the body of the original message ask about two different things.

Most valuable? Retail-stick-wise, probably any of the Hori VLX versions. If you count exclusives, there’s plenty of valuable Mad Catz TE variants that are valuable (Femme Fatale, ComiCon, etc…)

Best bang-for-your-buck? Depending on your personal preference-level, any of the currently-available Mad Catz sticks when they’re on sale: SFxT Fightstick Pro ($100 when on sale), SCV Soul Edition Fightstick ($100 when on sale) or SFxT Fightstick VS ($140 when on sale).

Awesome, that’s the one I ordered :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s funny how when someone says it’s the greatest value, it’s the best bang for you buck, but most valuable is the most expensive/worthy.

I would have waited till this weekend because Madcatz is sponsoring APEX and a good chance that there will be a sale on all Madcatz sticks including the V.S.

But oh well. I’ve heard the Hori Pro is a good stick.

The Hori V3 SA is my favorite of all the sticks I have ever used or owned, and I’ve used pretty much every available retail stick. I highly recommend it.

Awesome :slight_smile:

I said earlier, the most valuable joystick is the Hoon Joystick coated in ostrich leather. Its 1950 Euros man, about $2,600 in USD

Ah, haha, I must’ve missed that, my bad. :slight_smile:
Though in my defense, I did specify “retail-stick-wise”. I’d almost consider the Hoon x Neo Legend stick to be practically bordering on the custom side of things, but that’s just me.