Most viable AA option for Akuma

Well I don’t know how to counterattack AA? Usually I use HP and LP shoryuken. But they always seem to trade with air attacks. And especially with Ryu and Sagat, it is not in my favour. I do use Akuma’s Ultra as an AA but I want to learn normal AA attacks since most of my health is reduced usually through air atacks (no need to use ultra if my health doesnt go down:rolleyes:).

My advice is do what I do; I vary from shoryuken and focus attacks.

From a focus attack you can do some nasty combos.

Here is an example of an AA using a focus attack that I posted:

Scroll to 1:01 (beginning of second round)

cr.HP and HP Dragon Punch. If you time it right, the DP wont trade. I think the HP DP has the 2nd most amount of invincibilty, EX has the most(someone correct me if im wrong). Do the DP a little bit late, this takes some practice.

Be careful with AA focus. You could get SRKed or empty jump thrown out of it.

down fierce.

but if you figure out a way (down.fierce) to stop getting kicked/punched in the face, how will you ever build your meter to make someone die 1000 deaths…


EDIT: i do NOT remember writing this. down+fierce is ideal though.

The most reliable AA options for Akuma from experience seem to be down-fierce and cr. MK > Demon. The latter is game changing and can be done on reaction.


His SRK offers some options, but c.HP is easily one of his best. There are several moves it stuffs outright like Vega’s wall antics. Also you have the option to demon flip cancel.

I’ve never even thought of that (demonflip canceling a down fierce), that could be pretty tricky stuff.

In a way it acts like a reset because your foe doesn’t gain immediate control. So if you space it correctly you can perform some of the antics that you can out of a reset.

Though a little more caution is recommended since your foe will be more observant than after a true reset.

Why is DP+HP preferred over DP+MP? I keep finding that DP+HP keeps trading hits with demonflip + dive kick and DP+MP hits it cleanly more often than not. Doesn’t DP+HP also do 50dmg when you hit opponents out of the air while DP+MP does 80dmg?

DP+HP makes it readlike you’re doing a Dragon Punch and a Hard Punch at the same time… just Type HP DP, HP Dragon Punch, HP SRK or some variation that puts the strength of the attack before it rather than after it with a + thrown in for no reason.


Though I wasnt able to play sf4 for a few days…how about doing an LP shoryu against an air attack and instantly doing the HP red fireball

Well it is an option if you have the meter. You have to FADC or trade to do the red fireball off of the SRK.

True, but even a trade SRK doesn’t guarantee you a red fireball, the timing and height you have to launch your opponent are very strict, it works better when sending your opponent into a corner.

Yea it isn’t like Ryu who can nail his Ultra everytime he traded.

Yeah what a punk bitch.

cHP’s later frames are not cancelable so you can’t cancel when cHP hits at peak.

Yes, but also if you hit at its peak you don’t land for the full damage either so it is best to hit the c.HP as late as possible without getting hit yourself. That way you can cancel as well and get the full damage.