Most visually impressive HC?

HCs in MVC2 are a sight to behold. Even in sophisticated 3D brawlers like Tekken or Dead or Alive, I find the moves lack the same sort of over-the-top glitz of Hyper Combos. Regardless of damage or effectiveness, what would you judge to be the most visually impressive HCs in the game?

My faves:

  1. Shinryuuken
    This was one of my faves in SFA2 because it was hard to pull off and very rewarding if it connected properly. When XVSF was released in the arcades and I saw Ken perform a Shinryuuken on Gambit during the demo, I was floored. In an age of AHVB, it still remains the most memorable HC because of that moment.

  2. Gamma Wave
    The only way to connect this in MVC was off the first hit of his c. HP, which made the timing rather delicate. But it was still very rewarding to watch your opponent get whacked by an onslaught of rock slabs, which crumbled in a satisfying way.

  3. Blodia Punch

  4. Pharaoh Illusion

  5. Shippuujinrai Kyaku

  6. Captain Sword

  7. Chaos Dimension

  8. Ultimate Web Throw

  9. Gamma Crush

  10. Gauntlet Power

Hail Storm FTW.

everytime that super hits, u just gotta say " OH…SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!"

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I would only consider numbers 4 and 7 from your list and others like:
Beautiful Memory
Hyper Apple for You?
Spiral Lv3
Thousand Phantoms
King Servbot
CODE: T-002

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anybody realize that both of magneto’s supers aren’t that threateneing… hg xx temp is mashable and shockwave can be dashed through

yeah, but sometimes you just can’t escape.

i know all of us here have been hit with HGxxTempest even when they tried to mash out.

i hate when you mash out and hit hp and then get hit by the rocks cuz of it

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Someone please help me! I can’t decide what the most visually impressive HC is!

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Zangief going steel is by far the most visually stunning effect…