Most wanted for the wiki

Thread title explains it pretty much. When you want something for wiki, I’ll do all the work and try and add it.

Why the thread? In this way the wiki will become more relevant faster.

Frame data.

Move list including cancels

T.O.D. and BnB combos.

More matchup notes.

Shennanigans and the various ways to use them (Claw’s wall dive options, Ken’s knee bash options, Dhalsim’s noogie options, etc.)

Notes of which moves are reversable, and what a reversed version of that move would beat (meaties, throws, I dont know if some have lower or upper invincibility) with a note of which one to usually try.

Yes, sounds like a pain, but its not like we can test these in training mode.

shall i repost what i said in the other thread?

Nope, not necessary. I’ll get to work.

differences in usage b/w sim’s mp, c, mp, fp, c. fp

Guiles matchups. Lol

Cape, I don’t suppose you’re the right person to be asking about this, but I figure it can’t hurt to try…

I’m in the process of adding to the wiki by putting up some graphics for the color options for the characters and would like to host them there on wikimedia instead of a 3rd-party site. My problem is that when I try to upload the .png files, I get the “…file corrupted…” error every time despite the fact that my .pngs work fine on other sites and programs.

I Googled some stuff really fast and it seems other people have had the problem too at times, though the technical details are beyond my understanding. The weird thing is, I looked at the upload history, and I’ve seen other people upload .png files with no apparent problems.

Do you have any type of ideas about this? I really dislike the idea of just using .gifs or .jpgs instead. Thanks for your time!

Bison (dictator) match-ups, especially against Boxer and shotokans.

It’s a relatively common problem with the Wiki software. If the people at mediawiki are to be trusted, then we require someone with the power, to do this:

Add this -

-to /etc/httpd/conf/magic. Might need to restart httpd.

Thank you very much for your time, Cape.

I posted my issue, along with what you wrote, on the discussion area of the main page of the SRK wiki. I don’t know if that’s the best place for it, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out who to be contacting for that sort of thing, even after looking around on the site for a long time. So I’m hoping someone higher-up comes along and sees it there soon.

Maybe I’m missing something, but there doesn’t seem to be much info on the Wiki that is character specific… at all. From what I’ve read on this forum, it supposedly has all I need to know. o_O?

See if it’s any better now

I just uploaded a PNG just fine. Thanks FMJ

Any chance you can figure out why it looks butt ugly when logged in (Firefox) but looks fine and normal when NOT logged in? I have to log out after editing so my eyes dont bleed. Been that way for a long while.

deejay info

Does logging in / out change the skin for you? if so which one is the one with the problem?

Yes, logging in and out changes the ‘skin’. Looks like ass when logged in, looks fine when not logged in.

Not logged in:
Logged in:

Hmm shoryuken9 skin is definately broken, only thing that will help in the meantime is to goto while logged in and pick another skin.

Switching the Monobook is much better. Thanks.

.PNGs are working fine for me too now. Thanks very much. :tup:

Match-ups for Ken, Combos and match-ups for Guile, and Everything for Dictator.