Most Worthless Super Arts

I could be wrong on this one but as far as Elena goes Healing, cause ya left open and S.A. 2 cause u want S.A. 1 for more bar for her combos and it’s an avergae general counter besides that Chun-Li’s S.A. 3 sucks

u do it when they’re down on the floor

imo, healing is her best SA

elena’s SA2 is her best. urien’s fireball SA is pretty useless.

temporal thunder you mean , it is only good for scrub that do jump-ins …

like SFEX M’bison’s projectile-super …

edit : me the scrub that accidentally stun-gun on a temporal-thunder start-up …and KO

Remy’s SA3. You have to pray that your opponent hits u. Very crappy super!!

Yeah, remy #3 is the most useless in the game. so is mak’s #3.

Your all scrubs its clearly chunli’s SA2

shit your right i forgot about that one, it wont link to shit!

Its the worst super ever!

All of seans SA’s are useless :slight_smile: especially his fireball one

its not as bad as kens SA3 that ones a shitty one also

chun’s sa 1 ain’t suck …

medium damage …
but tiny meter

yun’s SA3. I mean come on. Such a short meter, and you cant juggle the guy for good damage. Genei Jin sucks ass.

dont forget urien’s super where he throws out that weird window

or Q’s punch to the stomache, double axe handle to the back of your head, you fly in the air, Q does the rest

or that super where Cable goes in the air and shoots a big laser that goes crazy. But it’s one of the best chipping supers

seriously Yun’s SAIII is the crapiest thing ever

lol thats jokes but seriously.

I wouldtn say there are USELESS SA’s because they all have their purposes, but there are ones that are SHIT. Like you sa Uriens SAII is junk. That thunder ball cause so much stun you can essentially create 100% dmg combos against people as a matter of fact you can vs Akuma and Remy.