Mother Gamescom Bleeds


As you guys know I have incredible taste in games (okay fine you guys didn’t like Heavy Rain >.<) so I only make a game specific thread when I feel the game in question is very special and deserving of more attention than others, especially when it likely wouldn’t garner much attention to begin with. Modern marketing hyperbole has lead lots of gaming media and fans to exaggerate a lot of the time when they say “Game X is like classic game Y combined with classic game Z!!!”, but in this case it actually applies, it truly is Streets of Rage mixed with Hotline Miami which are both probably in my top 10 favorite games.

A more complex, violent, and fucked up version of SOR…I guess some dreams do come true I can’t wait to see what the final build looks and sounds like. Indie developers are you taking notes? This is how you do pixel art right without pandering to notstalgia.


EDIT: E3 2015 trailer:



Video Game General 2.0: Yo Dawg I Heard You Like Remasters And Ports

I’ve never played Hotline Miami so that comparison tells me nothing. Can you got into it a bit more?


Inspired by the film Drive (The director is thanked in the credits lol) Hotline Miami is a 2D top down beat’emup, shoot’emup, stealth, and puzzle game. Think an infinitely better, more violent Smash TV soaked with neon 80’s colors, an eargasmic 80’s synth OST, and a complex, ambiguous plot in the vein of a David Lynch film. Basically each level you go through rooms killing all the enemies, but the depth comes into play with how you choose to kill as all enemies die in 1 hit but so do you. You can sneak up behind enemies, beat them with melee weapons, throw weapons at them, wait for them to walk by a door knocking them out and leaving them unconscious but they’ll get up if you don’t finish them, guns are an option too but have very limited ammo and the sound attracts other enemies which you don’t want most of the time . Also at the end of every level you get scored based on factors like speed, creativity, boldness, etc and before every level you can pick a mask each mask has a special ability. As much as I love every individual element of the game especially the plot which is IMO probably the best in any game I’ve ever played, it’s really how everything comes together that makes Hotline Miami so impressive it really gives you that surreal fucked up 80’s feel which is clearly what Mother Russia Bleeds is going for as well. Anyways I’ve gushed about it enough I think a video does a much better job than anyone can do just explaining it.


Does this mean that the game will have less naked men in feitsh leather or more naked men in fetish leather.


Its more like a violent Scott Pilgrim.

Still looks cool.


This looks cool, thanks for the heads up. Also never played Hotline Miami, gonna look into that now as it sounds awesome. Hope it’s on 360.


Hotline Miami seems pretty cool. But what’s the Flexibility category? Dude keeps on getting a fat 0.


I liked Scott Pilgrim, although the physics and juggle system was a bit off and for that reason I don’t think it’s accurate to describe it as a violent Scott Pilgrim, I’m sure the developers had that in mind when writing:

And now gifs to piss of @dirzzt360‌ when he browsing this thread on his phone =P


I just hope it actually plays like the oldschool beat 'em ups and doesn’t use 10 buttons and pretends to be like a modern 3D action/beat 'em up. Double Dragon Neon had so much potential but the controls were shit.


Do I Have to be him?

Can I be my own person?

Is there a free roam mode?

Can I team with my buddies?

Can we play as the same character?

Can I make colors for them?

Can I turn the blood on or off?

Do people have specific commands with a certain weapon?

Is there floor Turkey?


How bad was the game? The demo controls were so stiff and the mobility was so sluggish compared to the enemies.

Hated it.


Turns out Hotline Miami is on pretty much everything EXCEPT 360. God damn it.

These Meg, these are the questions.



It was ruined by the controls. Way too many buttons for a 2D throwback title. I don’t even like modern games using too many buttons but it makes sense for character-action games.

Everything else in Neon was fine. But the controls ruined it.


You’re goddamn right I want to play multiplayer Streets of Russia. Hopefully it has both online and offline multiplayer.


Why do people compare a game representing an age old genre to one Scott Pilgrim game? Why do they do that?

Someone please explain this to me.

I mean is do people really get RSR and SOR confused?


Your favorite action game series is God of War and your favorite games from last-gen were the Mass Effect series.



Stills don’t do this game’s animation and colors justice.

Definitely on my watch list.


Hotline Miami was shit, such a waste of money. Am all for the epicness of the 80s and synch music that makes you get hard to Carpenter but seriously, Hotline Miami can suck a dick. The game above looks pretty damn cool tho lol


Hotline Miami is awesome. Only flaw is that it’s not very replayable.


Looks like Fist Puncher