Mother kills son and daughter


US mother kills teen son and daughter (Updated)



Hope she gets the chair.


and yet, unlike the richmond thread, no white person will feel the need to say this reflects badly on them (because you know she was).


Yeah, she was. Doesn’t look like drugs are involved, but she might be copping insanity plea. I saw footage of her shaking like an epileptic as officers led her to the car. I think I can find footage.

And of course it happens in a subdivision. You know, a “good” neighborhood, with no “criminal element” population.


What are you two trying to say?


I’m saying that no matter how good your hood supposedly is, crazy will always deliver. Isn’t there some kind of social service that deals with women whose husbands are overseas…you know, emotional counseling and some assistance/services for the kids? They might’ve picked up on her going all whackadoo in the course of a visit.


Wow the house value of dat cul-de-sac dropped almost 50%

Oh yeah white women killing their kids is nothing new…


It says she was 50 years old. Maybe she has early onset dementia.


Yeah so she’s scum. Death Penalty lehgoo


We need to start regulating on all these children killing white women. Equal rights means equal punishment.


It’s about damn time people started disciplining their kids again.


Maybe it was a phrase common to young people that set her off in both cases. She said they were smarting off. I know for a fact that a lot of older people HATE the phrase “whatever” with a passion, because it shows apathy, and their generation wasn’t like that.

Mom: You got grass stains all over your clothes again. Were you playing or fighting?
Son: Whatever. We had a good meet.
Mom: I thought I told you to stop saying that.
Son: Mom, it’s just a word, and it’s not even bad.
Mom: STOP…saying it.
Son: Alright, alright, geez.
Mom: I don’t mean to yell, but some things bother me. Still friends?
Son: I guess, whatever.
Mom: :mad: bang

Back at home, after about an hour in the car just sitting there…

Mom: how can you do homework, listen to music AND voice chat your friends?
Daughter: It’s how I always do it.
Friend: Was that yer mom?
Daughter: yeah, she just likes to pick at what I do, but I’m always like, whatever,
Mom: :mad:
Daughter:…and not letting it get to-bangbang


That I hate whitey!!!

Every time there is a thread about someone black doing a crime, it turns into reflection on black people at large. IE, the Richmond thread:

Whenever there is a thread about a white person doing a crime, the association between the individual and his/her race is never made.


That was one angry bitch.



It has, over the course of my tenure on SRK, appeared to me that it is only when the crime is a “race” crime i.e. black on white, white on black, coral pink on sky blue, et al, that “race” becomes a central topic.

News: Whitey kills another whitey

SRK: shrugs

News: Black kills another black

SRK: shrug

News: Some dude kills another dude, and their melanin counts vary by a factor of .015%


As I see it.


Another shooting in America, whatelse in new?


Hood nigga


I think she took it a little too far…


I find the story of the father handing over his kids to some trick he met on myspace far more compelling. This fool still won’t talk.


I just came in here to make sure someone turned this into a racial issue, against all odds.

Thanks for saving me the trouble :tup:.