Mother ownage....

I just had a thought. How embarrassing would it be if my mother beat me in a fighting game, even once? I’m wondering if it’s ever happened to any of you. I have a few questions if it has.

  1. How old were you?

  2. Did she rub it in?

  3. Does she still talk about it?

  4. How badly did you lose?

  5. Did you accept your loss like a man, or did you whine?

this is possibly the most retarded thread i’ve seen in my entire life

its like, not even worth being subtle.

i mean you could at least answer the question yourself…

Delete this please.

People need to learn not to make threads about every single retarded thought that comes into their head.


maybe make a separate polls subforum

Quite possibly the WORST thread yet…and thats saying a lot.


maaaaaaaaaaan, I’d neg you but you play LB2, so I forgive you.

Even though your thread sucks balls.

donkey balls.

with fuzzy hair all over them.