Mother Russia Special! July 5th, 2013 Pre-Evo Late Minute Matches! Movie feature Samurai Cop!


Fuck! I missed it again lol.


Last minute notice but there is a gathering tonight as well, August 16. Bring some food if you can. Rcaido doesn’t want too end to late so he’ll be closing shop around 01:30.


I see that rcaido has more games. Anyone going to the Magic prerelease or is there another gathering this weekend…


Now we need people from WA state to win all tournaments in Northwest Majors and win games at EVO 2014, get hype!!!


rcaido check it out

is that what you had in mind…


Looks like a cool place, but i cant stand using fight sticks


[I heard that there are 2 TBA prequalifer tournaments for EVO in ST. Will NWM be one of them again?](STR Presents: X-Mania USA AND Tournament of Legends II @ EVO 2014


anymore mother russia stuff?


There is like a 35% chance there will be one this Friday.


wonder if it happened. Anyways. It’s gonna be a good game tomorrow



when’s the next battle 4 seattle or battle for seattle?


Are we going to be playing the SFV beta at Mother Russia Saturday on the 30th? Would like to know rcaido.






Man… I’m reading this thread and drooling over that CvS2 cab. Please tell me these are still happening lol.


Yup i still have gatherings but no longer bi-weekly. CvS2 though no one hardly ever plays. The scene mostly hangs out at Gamestar on Tuesday & Thursday. Its free to play, just bring your own controller, or even better your setup.

If you’re cool enough ill invite you to one of my gatherings.


Gotcha, ouch 37 minutes and I typically work both days… I’ll try to get it arranged one of these days.
Is there anyone from Tacoma that attends these?


I tried going in the past but never made it. Got lost or whatever