Mother Russia Special! July 5th, 2013 Pre-Evo Late Minute Matches! Movie feature Samurai Cop!


Looks like I’ll be able to make it this friday, Jodan and Jay too. Also maybe a new guy who started showing up Thursdays (Aaron) might show up you may be able to convert him to play some HDR


Yo RCaido, there is like a 15% chance I could make this today. How late do you guys go? PM address, slight homo.


Just make sure Aaron knows that Mother Russia is still a business like OCC & its my home so yeah be respectful…I also got something really cool for Fathers day, i think you guys will like it! See you 6ish…


Oh shit, if Pablo comes, that means Spandex is mandatory!


LOL. Damn son I got home from work hella late. I definitely gotta make it out one of these days though.


SF2 pinball machine! That thing is so awesome. I’m gunning for your high score!


The pinball machine was really fun and the food was good to. Let our next Mother Russia gathering be as strong as the Red Cyclone.


Just a heads up, anyone who beats my pinball score will be banned from Mother Russia haha

I already made the mother russia all nice but damn it felt a bit cramped w/ all the candy/arcade cabs next to each other…I really have no idea how i can space it better…Any suggestions?


hey twins your plexi shipped, so expect to arrive around Sat


I don’t think we’ve ever used the cab with the black and white buttons, so moving that would probably go a long way to freeing up some room.


Thanks rcaido for getting our plexi glass and holding on for them man they fit really good also looking to get some good games on Friday.


Be there!


Anybody know how to change the title of the thread?

Anyway, Mother Russia is tomorrow. Who is coming?


I’m in.


rcaido, would it be alright if my daughter came along?

Josh agreed to give us the ride over with his carseat, but I wanted to check with you first.


yeah no problem sam


Really wish I had a license.
Or lived in Olympia. Cause I’d really like to come down tonight (I live in Tacoma.)


Until I beat your high score I will be forever salty about getting cheated out of my double round and my eventual 1st place. >:(

Also, Deadliest Warriors is super hype.


Good games to all last night. Never had a good laugh in a long time. Shout outs to ManOfTheLeaf for the games and Kryzak Sul for Deadliest Warriors.

Someone needs to tell the high lights of the day.


Oh man, you guys stuck around long enough to play Deadliest Warriors? Fucking hell.


Yeah these assholes didn’t leave until almost 3:00 am Sam…Deadliest Warriors demo probably greatest game ever! Im so tired right now but it was hilarious w/ all the head shots…