Mother Russia Special! July 5th, 2013 Pre-Evo Late Minute Matches! Movie feature Samurai Cop!


You know What!? I’m getting that game and we are all playing it the next gathering and at Lopez.



Hey Jordan, is there a video of that haha

Anyway, Mother Russia is open this Friday July 22, 2011…Got some bad news for you guys on on the Street Fighter Pinball machine, you will see it when you see it so dont bother asking what’s up…So who’s is coming?


You know we will be there and will see what this bad news is about. Also look what I found. Shout outs to Pile Drivers! :360::lp: :tup:



I should be able to make it.


Dude, the deadliest warrior game is the truth. It’s the new bushido blade.


That’s what I’ve been telling people.


Well this Friday, we are having a Deadliest Warrior showdown!


Ok so its just Jordan & the twins? Hey guys, I wont be able to do another gathering for awhile as im going on vacation…


I’ll be picking up Ryan at the very least.


So rcaido… How do you like The Impossible Game? :smiley: Also wanted to quote this.

???: Can I play?
Rcaido: No!
???: Why?
Rcaido: Because it’s the devil.


By the way Kev, I knocked you out of top 5 on the pinball machine.


Rcaido. When is it a good day and time to go pick up the monitor and stuff? Also We need to play more HDR because we been going off topic for a long time.


What monitor?


Hey guys we’re going to have an ST tournament on the 20th either at my house (Burien) or Acme Bowl (Tukwila) on the 20th…most likely at my house since we won’t have to pay quarters on top of $5 entry fee. Payouts will be top 3, hopefully some of you Oly guys can make it up. =)


Hey Rcaido, when is this happening again? Need that pinball fix! :stuck_out_tongue: Hope your vacation was/is good.


haha im not sure, im broke as a joke…I guess i can shoot for next Friday…Dont know if i can provide food though…

If anyone is going to the ST thing at Julian, someone get that Street Fighter 2 movie game from him…


I’m sure we can all chip in again for food.

I’m going to try and make it up there.


Alright cool, how’s the job going?


Good so far. The clients seem to like me, and the HM says I’ve been doing a good job, so that is nice. I have today off actually, which is why I posted hoping today was going to happen for Mother Russia. :stuck_out_tongue:

How was the vacation?