Motion of Balrog's second ultra?

I just hope its not like Guile or Vega’s Ultra :confused:

But for charge characters its either that or the typical b,f,b,f motion…i really hope they make Balrog’s old Ultra with the Px3 and make the second Ultra with the Kx3!

Gigaton punch might be redundant, but he’s always had it with crazy buffalo in non-SF2 games iirc.

It looks like we’re getting selectable ultras. In that case I can see both being that same motion b, f, b, f, ppp/kkk. Unless they actually get creative with his ultra then we might end up with that triangle motion…:crybaby:

Lets just hope they stick with good ol’ gigaton punch. :china:

more thatn likely itll be a b, f, b, f ppp//kkk UNLESS they make the new ultra having somthing to do with a head butt it might be a triangle. Das the only way i could see that being used imo

Seeing as Balrog is known as a “dirty boxer”, it’d be interesting if they made his new Ultra a super explosive headbutt, but not like his current headbutt…
More similar to a Yamazaki grab and WHAM headbutt type of thing.

Ideally it could even just be a 720 motion command grab ultra.

What do you guys think of that? Would that make him too dangerous up close?

edit: and to make things even more complicated and convoluted, what if it did a bunch of stun to Balrog himself, but it was also as strong as landing his full current ultra (which you never really get to do, outside of baiting fireballs and that jabxxultra thing…)

Up up, down down, left, right, left, right, jab, strong, fierce.

Bet it.