Motion Sensor Tekken 3/Tag

Does anybody have any info on this? I definitely remember hearing and reading about it, and even seeing a short video clip on G4 I think. I can’t find any info on it so if anybody does could you shed some light?

Gameworkds used to had one so many years ago, its a large blue motion sensor that attracted short bald fat children making Karate sounds!

Yeah i saw it in vegas a few times, Never got to play it, the one time i was ready to it was broken, the 1st time they where close, I’ll never understand why a arcade in vegas closed at like 10pm…

philly gameworks used to have it.

you can call them up and see if they still have it, but don’t expect to be doing no ewgf or nothing on there.

if it was anything like the one at enchanted castle…

a ddr pad, with four motion sensors in front, 2 high 2 low for the LPRPLKRK

it was complete crap to play it that way…couldn’t even tag.

I just picked paul and spammed 4+LPRP


I remember doing a bit of King’s chain throws, but eventually said fuck it

I think we still have some Motion Tekken in Seattle… they could have taken it out and I wouldn’t have noticed though. If no one from Seattle remembers, I’ll check when I go this Thursday.

I played it a few times, but never against anybody good, so I usually just mashed (flailed) my way to victory.

I remember seeing it but I didn’t get to play it.
That Gameworks has been closed for a year though.

I played it at Gameworks in Vegas, and it’s honestly the least thought out idea in the history of gaming. You couldn’t move, and if I remember correctly, only one kick and one punch were possible.

i’ve seen ppl playin motion sensor tekken 3 at few places in the us and in canada… looked like it played fuckin horrible lol

An arcade at Islands of Adventure in Orlando here used to have it. The thing is dumb as fuck X_X.

You can move… it just moves really shitty…

I remember my friends couldn’t do any of the moves and started breakdancing on the pad, the tekken characters were jumping straight into the air doing LK

As far as I know, they were less popular/common in hardcore arcades and more popular in general amusement centers… you know, minigolf, ticket/redemption games, 2+ motorcycle games linked together.

The Playdium in Vancouver had one a number of years ago… might still be there, I don’t really know.

you mean the gameworks at ontario mills mall

I know I played something like that at great america when I was like 13. Though I thought it was VF. Either way it was… unique.

Last I checked a few months ago, an indoor amusement park in West Edmonton Mall still has one collecting dust… and IIRC they still charge $2 a game.

I HATED THAT GAME. And the fact that it was one of the few fighting games made it worse. You could play that, or Marvel where there was literally 3 inches of space between each button. The high score was held by Mr Fantastic.

Worst idea ever. Maybe you play in it when drunk as hell, otherwise it is not a pleasant experience. We used to have one here at the Seattle Gameworks. It was torn down and other cabinets were put in its place. They literally tore up the whole set up and put it in the trash.

^ I remember when it was there. was NOT responsive at all.