Motivation in fighting games

How do you guys stay motivated to keep playing? Lately i’ve been struggling to pick up the controller. I mean I LOVE ssf4 and blazeblue and fighters in general, but as of late I just haven’t had teh urge to play much. Whether it be from always fighting shitty opponents, lag or having nobody locally to play with IDK what it is…how do you guys keep motivated?

the will to power.
(and offline competition doesn’t hurt)

Offline comp does help, although lots of people aren’t necessarily committed to being the best and still enjoy fighting games.

IDK i just haven’t really been having any really enjoyable matches that push me and help me improve and Ive been playing less and less. My only offline competition is my cousin. And he sucks. He claims to know EVERYTHING about Ryu in ssf4 but didn’t know ryu had an overhead or that you. He even says Blazeblue is too technical for him…and swears that MAHvel 3 is the most balanced game ever…thats what I got to deal with. How do you keep motivated?

What I do is that I just play the game and try to look at the game strategically. Think of what I could’ve done in this or that situation. A really big motivator is when you have someone complementing you on your playing and being very encouraging to you. Other than that, I just look to do better and better.

A big downer is when people hate you for how you play (especially if it’s effective) and when you feel you’ve hit a wall.

I feel u on this. I mean, I’m sure everybody wants to be a top player but honestly I think a lot of people, such as me, get to the point where being a top player isn’t always the most important thing. The great thing I’ve learned since playing games competitively and going to big tournaments is to appreciate the community as a whole. I’ll go to majors and sometimes I won’t even care how I do b/c its not the most important thing to me. Just coming to a major and being around a bunch of people who share the same passion that I do is enough to keep me wanting to play and such. It’s not always about being the best. You can always have some fun at least with cool peoples.

hmmmm maybe I just need to find places where the community is…Im in chicago (a shitty part) but maybe there are some places to play around here.

My motivation to play comes from seeing all the people at tournaments and how many share the same interests and goals, plus the competition is good, as well. Mahvel 4 life, baybee! :woot:

Yeah my ultimate problem is no competition I guess. Ive got nobody to beat so Im bored I suppose.

I often get bored due to lack of competition, too. I just pick up the game, hit the lab and experiment on extending my combos, and then proceed to play online. I’d recommend finding some online players (good or bad, it don’t matter) and play in some private lobbies. I met some impressive and honorable players this way.

I play Blazblue CSII on my PSP every day when I’m chillin at home or waiting for something (or on the pooper). thing is, i’m a casual fighter, so I’m fine with maining a character and not knowing every single detail about him, nor do I worry about improving myself. playing fighting games online really stresses me out and its also frustrating that you either fight a total newb, or someone who’s untouchable and kills you in one combo.

oh lol to answer your question, my motivation comes from all the content BB has to offer. Getting points to unlock gallery art and Unlimited versions of all the characters. Playing through Legion Mode, Abyss Mode, and the (crappy) Story Mode. getting the in-game achievements, completing challenges, lots of stuff. I guess you could say my motivation is to have fun, lolol, and explore what the game has to offer. also the AI isn’t annoying or cheap either, so I am totally fine fighting computer opponents, haha

I always want to test my abilities, thats why i usual tier whore low tiers.

For me it’s a past time that I really really enjoy so I don’t really need to motivate myself,because these games are fun to me, but it I also have the desire to get better so that helps. Not to mention that I enjoy interacting with the community so I tend to stick with it. However, sometimes you need a break, and if that’s what you feel you should do that, forcing yourself to play could be the very thing causing you get burnt out; absence really does makes the heart grow fonder sometimes, pick up another game (non-fighting), or just do something else, and before you know it you’ll be ready to have that wheel of fate turning again LoL

I like seeing asshats come to SRK and complain when they get beat by legit tactics.

Who said I was complaining? If any thing I was sad because of LACK of opponents. I don’t play online much because I just play people who suck…all I do is bait reversals and the do it EVERYTIME so I win (usually with something simple cause I don’t have to do anything else) and it gets boring. I was wondering what everybody else does when they hit this wall. So yeah…

Also way to troll. Its cute.

Who said I was talking about you? Did I quote you or something? I was answering your question.
My motivation to play fighting games is to see idiots come and complain on SRK.

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You should have said that then…I misunderstood you. Sry for the mixup.

Not quoting you is enough of an indicator. If I’m calling someone out, I’m not afraid or too lazy to quote them.

That’s what he said in the first place…not his fault you took it personal.