I was wondering how everyone else keeps motivation in SF AE and even MvC3 I live in Charlotte and I havent really found anyone to play with so I cant get any practice in and or input. There are a lot of people that play but none that really take it seriously. I’ve been playing a lot online but I know that my online habits wont help me win during the very limited tournys around here.

The need to get better. and win money and the sex of various fan girls

Have you tried Online outlets?
It’s difficult when there isn’t a scene close by, that’s very true.

What I’d suggest is to save up and attend the closest ranbat and/or major when you can.
Otherwise, you can play decent people on SRK if you manage to find them with a playable connection.
They’re less likely to focus on silly online tactics and are also interested in leveling up together.

You could try posting in the relevant regional matchmaking thread and seeing the interest in your area.
If you’re keen you can organise a small event if there’s enough interest. Otherwise, you’ll have to piggy-back to the next closest scene I’m afraid.

Unless you’re winning money and still want to do that, I was under the assumption that most people’s motivation was just the fact that they enjoyed playing…

Well, yeah. It’s (not a cheap) kind of a hobby. Just like other hobbies, you have different levels of how far you want to take it.
Some will be fine with online play, some will want better, and some will want to start aiming for the payouts.

Even with the payouts, understand that no players can make a living off of it… it is at the end of the day, still a hobby.

SF players don’t have self motivation, they only have hype. Kinda like how Ono takes a picture whenever he goes to the candy or toy store.When people say bad online habits, they are just blowing out steam. If you care about tournaments so much then play as if your in a tournament no matter how good or terrible the other person is. As for scenes, your basically looking for something that shouldn’t exist. Japan is a small country and that is the only reason why arcades still exist over there.

I want to kill people with Akuma.

There is not a single decent reason I can come up with to explain why there shouldn’t be a local scene for competative gamers. Not one…

The core motivation that I keep in mind is that of self improvement, It sounds like you enjoy and take the genre seriously so keep doing what you are doing. Nothing is permanent, today you may have no one to play with, tomorrow you could be the evo champ of the year. While online play and casual versus may not sate your thirst, I will contend that if you keep focus on improving your ability the skill ceiling will be high even with those 2 simple outlets.

On the note of no local scene, there is always a way to fix that. Try to start it up yourself! :wink:

I like watching pretty combos flash on my picture box.

I just like to play?

nothing is more satisfying than mind fucking your opponent

You mean there are people who play simply because they like to? :open_mouth: (Edit: I think it’s sad that the pure love of the game is too often lost in fighting game enthusiasts in pursuit of competition and winning. I’m glad that there are still people who like the games in themselves.)

As for me, I’m with dhoushi on this: I play to develop my skills, both mental and physical. I fight every match to win, but winning is no longer (in itself) what keeps me coming back. I play to find new combos, new ways to trick or otherwise outplay my opponents, and to improve my consistency in executing my findings. It’s not winning that keeps me in the Danger Room, though; winning is the result of learning for me… not the reason for it. With this shift in perspective, no matter how small it may seem, I have found myself playing a lot better, winning more often, and getting far less frustrated with my losses.

Of course, I also like watching pretty combos flash on my picture box. lol

Thanks man something that came close to what I was hoping to see on here.

I’ll play w/ ya…I’m trying to get better at the game but I haven’t met anybody since I moved up here in Feb. PM me…my Xbox Live name is Hell Week (subject to change soon).

Sweet! ill send you a fr your way. GT is brutalchris if anyone else wants to play.

to get more “Ws” instead of “Ls”. That & to get hate mail after you PWN someone online!

people play to play, if you are questioning your motivation then you shouldn’t be playing. You won’t win at anything in that reguard, we play to get better in the games we like.

my motivation is:

dat feel when you style on your opponent and you know they probably feel like crap
dat feel when you pulled out a clutch win because you know you did everything you were supposed to do

this is why i play. even though the same thing happens to me and i yell at my tv for a bit i don’t let it get to me. just turn all that emoshunzzz into the motivation you need to getting better!

fan girls? ssf4 and mvc3? i think something may be wrong there…

and to answer your wuestion, i play for fun, but i want to get better… thats all the motivation i need haha