Motivational Thread (I suck so bad)


I was so hyped for this game and played a ton of previous titles for its release doing pretty well and I wanted to dive head-first into ranked on this game. I thought I was actually pretty good until today, I just cant keep a win streak longer than maybe 2. I make stupid mistakes all the time and I can never seem to defend myself as well as others. I don’t know what is wrong with me but I am a terrible player and its crushing my confidence and enthusiasm while I STILL WANT TO PLAY because I know that is the only way I will improve, I just get so disappointed in myself. I need some motivation :frowning: Is anyone in this boat as well?


Keep at it man. Eventually you’ll get tired of the ass whoopin’s and get more proactive in your approach. That’s usually how it works. Either way keep you head up :slight_smile:


I think the thing to do is just avoid the ranked thing all together and play casual until I’m really confident. But I hate that damn low LP and Rookie badge, every time I’m a few points away from ranking up ill lose like 3 times in a row!


I’m not that great at street fighter either, however you gotta take every loss as a learning experience. What did your opponent do to force the stupid mistakes? In what way could you defend yourself better? Ask yourself these questions and try to find the answer. It usually helps to go into training mode and learning your characters normals range and effectiveness against various situations you find yourself in. Then specials, then maybe moving onto combos.


If you need to ask random strangers for motivation you should probably quit


I can pull off combos specials criticals etc, that is what bothers me most, I am perfectly capable but I just keep taking those losses when I know I should not have, but in the heat of battle I just do all sorts of stupid things.


It was more a case of “Is it just me that has this” if others have had this slump then thats motivation enough to know i can bounce back from it. Also I’m not sure who else other than random strangers I COULD ask for motivation at this point, I consider The Shoryuken forums to be the best possible place to seek any advice, it’s not like I put this up on a Yahoo help thread or something.


No you SHOULDN’T quit. If you’re heart is in it, just practice your ass off. Whatever moves you’re having difficulty with go into training mode and do them repeatedly until they become second nature.


Problems not in executing the moves, but WHEN to execute them when to maximise my damage and get at the opponent without it whiffing or being punished as a result of their defence.


Well recognizing the flaw is the first step to correcting it



How are you losing? If losing both rounds without winning one go to training mode. Always remember you win some you lose some.


Im having close fights I just cant seem to get it done win wise, I seem to be back in a good groove now, being way more patient and paying way more attention to what everyone is doing.


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You win. I literally need nothing else to keep me playing now. :slight_smile:


your not worst than me and ive been playing street fighter since 93! These new ones with all this cancels and frame date stuff is alot to get used to. try to keep 2 set moves for punishes and never change them ever for about 2 weeks or so. Then switch it up to two more after those 2 weeks have ended I say this because it seems your problem isnt execution but stage frieght. You know what to do but in the heat of battle you freeze up which will come with time. Like mike tyson said, everybody comes in with a gameplan, until they get hit in the mouth! Doing it this way will make punishes more second nature Keep at it!


I know the feeling. I have never played a fighting game in my life, basically, except for some SF2 on the SNES when I was like 8 years old. The only good news right now is that I seem to beat the absolute worst players relatively consistently by blocking and just punishing their unsafe moves.


And losing to Ken puts me on tilt big time.


Ken seems to be the bane of my online play I don’t know why though! He’s so easy to punish but somehow they manage to get those DP’s in on me, as of late though I have gotten more into it, I think what works for me with Ken is just being almost stationary just not giving anything away, and out of boredom or hesitation hes going to throw something out to see what you do. When you react just do something small, and then he might try to jump in, when he does, punish him!


It seems to me like reckless play easily defeats cautious or defensive play at low levels. Weak knowledge of the game and weak punishes by the defensive player leads to taking way too much damage and too many missed opportunities. The defensive player might play the game like he thinks he should play the game, instead of playing it in a way that actually works. For example, anti-air makes sense if it’s consistent, but if you fail at it and take big damage 50% of the time, that’s not good. On the other hand, you need to try those anti airs to get practice, so maybe you just need to accept that you are going to lose until you get better at some key aspects.


We all had rookie titles at one point. Just keep at it and u will get better in due time. I just got back into SF last year. And I’m still complete ass. But that’s the process of learning. Going from square 1 to square 2 one square at a time.