Motoki Art Vol. 2


yeah, new art, new start.
first i’m plugging the site.

we got a new vid up. go watch it.

azn-anjelz is coming out with some new stuff soon too. don’t sleep. ok then, the art:


visit and go look at our vid, and check our site out.

make sure you look out for that new magnetro vid too. when it comes out, its gonna be fire.

aight, more art…


ey, more art tomorrow. i don’t feel like resizing a billion pictures.
but check out meanwhile.


you know what it is.


^hit that up^

new magnetro2000 vid trailor coming on our site soon.
azn-anjelz productionz. dj-b13 is dropping something hot too. his vids are always good.

aight then. more tomorrow.


well dang dude, looks like you like to draw alot and its not bad either. a scan would be awesome, but it dont seem that you have one. good work


thanks for the compliments. oh i have a scanner. i was too lazy to set it up.:o :cool:
i’ll scan some stuff and put it up this week. (^_^)’

be sure to visit the site and check out the vid:

we’ll have another new vid up sometime this week. tnpr’s ninja cam vid, magnetro’s trailor vid, and a lil something else.:evil:


your starting to freak me out, with this blackdragon shizz. i thnk the sixth time is enough


if you went to the site, then my promotion is working.:stuck_out_tongue:
(look at the sig everyone)


damn. i forgot that we could provide pic links and you could see the pic instead of clicking on an attachment. my bad. i’ll host the images when i get home.:o :cool:



need I say more… I will anyways… GET A SCANNER WORKING!!! there it’s out… I feel much better… ok from what little I could see, you need to work on your anatomy more… can’t say much else since I CAN’T SEE IT!!!


but na, thats what i’m going for-in the way i’m drawing. :slight_smile:
but i CAN draw pretty much all styles, so i will draw something with “correct” anatomy…

and i have a scanner, but i was too lazy to set it up. and even if i did, this is srk, i couldn’t post it as an attachment cuz it would be too big. so i will just host it. my camera took those pictures really good, and HYOOGE, i just shrank them because i thought that i couldn’t post using [ /img] here. but since i can, i will (when i get home) repost the images bigger for you guys.

thanks for the comments though. and for checking out my stuff.