Motoki Concept Art


yeah…i couldn’t really title it right cuz i don’t know the title of my manga yet…but eh. this’ll do.


all of these images in this thread are characters from my comic, or have to do with my comic in one way or another, minus the mech that i drew and one of the collages. anyways:



Motoki Imawano:

Jun Imawano (Motoki’s sister) :

Ken Camacho (One of Motoki’s friend) :


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thx. more art soon.


not bad… wish i could see the full size of the panels, but its all good. besides that fact they are pretty good… you ever going to make a manga?.. peace



yeah, i’ma create my manga when i finish working on the rest of the characters that are going to go in it. i also need to figure out a name for the manga. i need to do some research on japan (particularly osaka and tokyo).

the story starts in japan with Motoki and his friend Gan, but quickly goes to new york. there might be flash backs of japan for certain events, but regardless i need to do my homework on japan. also its not your typical manga seeing as how there’s a lot of hip hop culture elements in it, and not a lot of asian ppl in it.

also i got this other manga i want to do. its a futuristic science fiction/rpg type of thing. i wanted to do that and the motoki manga, and eventually tie them together and intertwine them. hopefully that works out. :slight_smile:


nice, post them when your done with them… peace

P.S.- are they teenagers?
and nice graffiti…


Nice schtuff. I’ll post something up too…eventually…You ever saw that Tokyopop manga I told you about? The hip-hop one? @base? I didn’t get to see it yet…but yeah if you see it, post some comments. Yeah, creds for the graf.


Good work. I like it, but like [Kyo]Kusanagi I wish I could see the full size panels.


Nice, Really NICE~!


nice stuff man keep up the good work :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmmm, pretty good work you got there Motoki. Do you have aim? Furthermore, are you interested in making the official $yndicate avater? If so, hit me up at TheAzazel187.

*Fullmetal Daywalker *


thx. i’ll hit you up when i get home. look out for motokiimawano on aim. aight then.







nice stuff mah man


nice pics,i would like to see more of your work on a bigger pages:)


Wow, M, you’re stuff gets better & better everytime:) You’re stuff looks professional, i swear!

It’s a mixure of cuteness & creativity.