Motoki, the Urban Knight

so, i finally got off my ass and hooked up my scanner. (^_^)’

remember this?

well, i was experimenting in photoshop…

That is a really nice style and the coloring looks really cool too. Good work.


Pretty sweet. :smiley:

thanks. i’ma get better. i want my skill level to increase.:slight_smile:
i can do it if i keep trying.

hmm…i post this because i’m going to do the syndicate t shirt design, and avatar design. might draw it out first, might just get do the whole thing in photoshop. we’ll see…i know exactly how i want it to look though.

The $yndicate avatars:

In The X They Trust.

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Happy Mother’s Day

i love you mom. (^_^)’

Happy Mother’s Day

hahaha, that takes me back to the days of when I was little and use to make my mothers day cards with contruction paper and all the other crafts I had…did you use to do the same when you was little, motoki?:lol:

Tetsujin: The Urban Soldier. basically, these are character concepts/sketches for “tetsujin.” not sure what i want him to look like. yet. he is a hero amongst people that come from humble backgrounds. he is from a slum in one of the biggest cities in my manga/rpg. he helps others…this could include anything from fixing a pipe, to helping an old lady cross the street at night. even baby sitting. to get his mind off of things he works out(obviously). around the time of the Great War* he volunteered his services to the national army. he became a decorated soldier. i’ll have more sketches of that, and him in different settings and positions shortly.

um, the story goes that one day he helped out some kids that he volunteered to watch over so that they didn’t get into trouble. drugdealers had been after the kids, trying to get them recruited and all. the kids were slipping into a life of crime. basically the kids were about to meet up with the dealers and tets came out of nowhere and was like na…you can’t do that. the dealers were like whatever, get outta the way. a fight ensues and tets discovers his unhuman like strength. a crowd had gathered watching the fight. someone in the crowd murmered “tetsujin…” and thats how he got his name. ppl call him the iron man or tetsujin. either one. he’s actually not japanese. only about 2 or 3 guys in the comic are japanese.

*all this is iffy. the story will change here and there and the characters looks will too. i just had this in my head and thought its time to draw stuff out. oh and una is another character…she’s the one with the knife in a previous post i made here.

Happy Mother’s Day

awww :wink: nice work

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A video by Demon Hyo aka D.Hyo aka Tony Starks himself, nucca!!
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hmm…didn’t draw this, but its still art. i spent a lot of time cutting shuma up and coloring him to get him to look like that. and the tentacle to squeeze cyke(which i also colored) (^_^)’ hmm…i think i will draw something and make it an avatar.

Beast Coast avatars:

Thats a sick avatar man…would you make me one (the guy who did the vader one spelled my freaking name wrong lol) or do you only make av’s to your beast coast buddies:(

I’m Back Like Cooked Crack!!

Juelz Santana -Back Like Cooked Crack

version 2:

Diplomats vol. 6 cover:

new art soon. maybe today, definitely by tomorrow evening.:slight_smile:

Hmm, the above avatars you have are impressive.