Motoki, the Urban Knight

Awesome avatars!

That chun li vs ken one is mad!!!

How did you get the file size so small?

My Captain Munta Avatar had to get massively squashed down it fit in here? How do you do it?

oh. well, you can’t look at this thread without some music.:cool:
here ya go:

twista/oschino -i’ve been abused

new art today. more character concepts. see the future in my comic is a cross between 80s and present time with my take on a futuristic city. picture all the major cities rolled into one mega city.
a lot of slums, culture, etc.

i’m going to name my comic Jamaica, N.Y. why? i dunno. the city it takes place in is not jamaica, n.y. but still.

lifetimeboy’s new av:

Good shit son keep it up.


How do you post pics on the board instead of linking them I would really like to know.


more art today.

yo can you hook up some graff…i wanna see some ec style

i suppose i could go back to my old ways for a couple of pics…hehe.

nice stuff man…


^thank you for bumping my thread to the top, and viewing my art.:slight_smile:

thx. nice talking to you again. i miss our convos.

The Ghetto Professor X:

and you gotta listen to this track while you view the av:
^Project Pat -North Memphis

our button if you want to link us. link that button to:

Sweet stuff there, man… didn’t you post some of it up a long time ago but with a camera instead of a scanner?

Big hurra for Beast Coast, by the way.

@ braindigger: actually like 1 pic yes, but the rest no.
thx for the hurray! (^_^)’

new vid coming soon:

Amazing work. Keep at it.


new Graywer vid: