Motoki's Request Thread


yeah. i get a lot of people asking, so to keep track of it all, here is my thread. you want an av, just ask. eventually i’ll get to it.
help me get some stuff in my portfolio. request away. well…keep in my i start school tomorrow. so i’ll have them done by the weekend hopefully. you’ll get it, so don’t worry. aight then.

some of my old work:

i think i was hight when i did this.:o

snh crew

waiting list:
empire stuff
nobita kun
red akuma
hawaii gamer

*edit i got more avies i made, i just don’t feel like getting them all hosted, and then posting them all.


yo, this TEAM shidousha No Hyoden request


make a nice yun av like him fighting off the bad guys, lol and instead of that black dragons thingy, put

the name and shidousha No Hyoden on it
(as same for the other 2)

prozac-make a nice charlie av

kimura-make a nice magnus av by making he eyes glow red, and while he’s doing that, make him say “playtime has ended”

thankx in advance



and i will do crew avatars. and team avatars. i don’t mind. if i can’t do it, i’ll suggest some ideas or something that i can do.

i can’t:
do splashes
fancy text unless you request it and what kind you want. thats about it.

i’m about to eat right now, and i’m a little mad i didn’t get the juelz santana cd today, so yeah.:bluu:


im sick of seing these request threads so


seth youre the biggest fucking idiot

The Blame Microsoft Thread

seth stfu please…hes just doing a request av thread meh :lame: :lame: :lame:


every thread is like a request so why dont he go to one of them and ask.:o


because RETARD, i’m not ASKING for an av, i’m MAKING THEM.
der der der. :bluu:

cot damn, i swear.

SF5, New Players and the FGC
SF5, New Players and the FGC
SF5, New Players and the FGC
SF5, New Players and the FGC

you still can do that in other threads


stfu. why am i gonna go in someone else’s request thread and make an avatar for someone?
negro please. delete your posts and move on.:bluu:


I remind you Seth that I reported you as an Image Request Violator, it’s not too smart to go around peoples request thread and spam them. Brutha’ Mayne has the choice to open his own request thread and/or take requests from another thread, if he wants

hmm…make me a cool fighting scene of RCR dudes. Make it in grayscale too so you can fit more action in :cool:. and, the text at the bottom just center it and put hawaiigamer142.


just face it, u got pwned



Custom PS4 Stick?
Custom PS4 Stick?

hawaii gamer:
coo’. i can do that. i believe with rcr i might not have to do it gray scale, because its a nintendo game, and the colors are you know 8 bit. i’ll do two versions.

for myself i’ma prolly d/load the simpsons arcade game and get a ton of pics of me fighting burns or something. that’d be hot.:evil:


hmm…thats true, well what i guess i meant was make the background pic in a grayscale:p . and yeah, that simpson’s one would be ownage. cant wait to see what you do with it:D


bump. i’m working on these now.



Videos with SFV trailer content being Content-ID flagged by YouTube




aight…lemme see who’s next…
well, i’ll do seth next. you’ll have to wait til tomorrow though, i’m tired. rotendo i’ll hook you up tomorrow too. sorry for the wait, i just had some college work. i’m tired.


rotendo’s next, since he’s part of my crew. then i’ll make yours, seth. sorry.


Brutha mayne your av’s are crazy…think you can whip a crazy one up for me with hugo.And you can do what ever the hell else you want maybe have him kickin the shiiiiit out of someone.

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