Motw discussion-Grants true identity revealed


This man…


For years i somhow had the feeling ryo was in fact grant from motw,and just like he’s father Takuma,
ryo too was forced into fighting.
What do you guys think??.


No one repleys lol.


Why he no longer uses Kyokugen style tho?


Probably becouse it gives away,look at the way he look’s,Its just a costume becouse he dosent want
people to know its him,Same reason Takuma had in AOF1.


Grant is not Ryo.


Why not?


I just looked at the Wiki,yeah its not him but i do wonder where they got he info from.


I’m pretty sure we already have an existing Garou thread.


They who? You never posted a source.



He is also too tall/buff to be Ryo imo.



Well atleast i got that out of the way


This is Grant


@Cronopio where is this page from? Is there a physical version of this?


It’s from a new illustration book by some members, endorsed by SNK. It will have some never seen before materials apparently and that Grant concept art seems to prove them true.


Definetly has that Raoh vibe about him.