Mount Xbox 360 PCB to Case

I am using the Xbox 360 Wired Controller PCB along with a 1/4" thick plywood as the controller panel. I cannot use screws since I may go through the plywood, furthermore, I have left the triggers in the stick so the screws would have to be very long.

Do you guys have any suggestions on mounting the PCB?

I could use velcro, but I am not sure if it will be very secure.

Thanks for your help!

Velcro should work just fine.

I know some people use hot glue.

How exactly would Velcro not be secure? What do you plan on doing with the stick? Velcro has kept shoes on my feet for years I’m sure it can keep a PCB in place.

I use two wire tie holders that come in self adhesive backing behind the pcb.

The ties hold the pcb very securely.

place the pcb in an envelope, duck tape it to the ply wood.


How exactly do I use velcro? I assume one side goes on the wood with the velcro part facing down (not into the wood). the other side will be stuck on the back of the PCB with the velcro away from the PCB. But how would I stick the velcro to the PCB won’t that mess things up?

Here’s my velcro before and after. Hopefully that helps. Don’t put the sticky part on the PCB. Adhere it to the case and then secure it with the other side facing down.

So you pretty much wrap the PCB between the velcro sides that stick to each other. Is that secure? Looks like it could fall out. I suppose I could have 2 levels of velcro to secure the PCB.


i would tape a ziploc bag and throw the controller in there


Sorry, yes, that’s exactly right. I guess it may look loose in the picture but it’s not going anywhere. I can shake the case around and it doesn’t move at all.