Mounting 360 Wired PCB With Triggers

How do you guys recommend attaching the Microsoft Wired PCB to the wood? I did not remove the triggers since I have no use for them, and I don’t want to just leave the PCB in the air. Any suggestions?

Velcro is an easy solution that works well for securing a PCB to your case.

Got any pictures I can see? Also because of the triggers…I cannot quite screw it in easily, unless the standoffs are really long.


Just remove the triggers leaving the pots intact.

Here’s the inside of my case. The velcro isn’t very sexy but it’s definitely easy to do. If you add resistors then you can remove the triggers and screw the PCB down.

Could you stick a velcro strip directly on to the back of the pcb and the attach it to the other strip that’s applied on the wood?

Probably if he removed the triggers. I haven’t tried it like that but it’s a good idea.

How can I remove the triggers? I tried and I only got one of the clips removed (the one of the edge). I could not remove the one in the center. I don’t want to screw it up and have to add resistors and what not, just too much work and I can just leave it as it is.