Mounting a JLF w/o mounting plate

Hi all,

I’m currently building a custom joystick where the console is 3/4" MDF. I discovered today that my supplier only has JLFs without mounting plates. To mount this I suspect I’d have to route the bottom of the console, but to get the correct height I think the mounted part of the console would be too thin (and therefore flimsy).

Does anyone have experience mounting a JLF sans plate to wood? Success? Failure?

you can buy plates seperately


i use jlfs without plates on my homemade arcade machine

i routed the MDF to a little thicker than 1/8th inch and used bolts thru the top and bolted on the bottom

the sticks work fantastic

the arcade project before i took out the HAPPs and put in JLFs is here >>

Interesting, and the wood around the joystick still seems sturdy? I’d buy a plate, but the store I’m buying the stick from doesn’t sell them separately (I could get one online, but the extra shipping cost wouldn’t make it worth it just for a plate).

Maybe I’ll give it a shot sans plate then. Thanks. = )