Mounting a LS-32-01 seimitsu

hi guys, i was wondering, i noticed that the ls-32-01 has a weird plate that is indented on both sides. would i need to buy longer screws in order to mount the plate onto a case. i was planning on getting a jlf and noticed that the plate is flat but since lizardlick is soldout maybe i could use a seimitsu instead
im planning to put a new stick onto the se fightstick when i get my hands on one

any joystick pros out there that can help us please?

The mount that is on the madcats sticks is the 1 used in the HRAP2. Do a search to see a pic. Basically there is a recess in the case mounting plate that the ls-32 sits into. The reason that it has an s-plate is the shaft is shorter than other sticks so it has to sit directly below the play surface unlike the jlf wich mounds 6mm under it. I know the TE version has this plate & I’m assuming the SE does aswell. If I were you I would wait & get a jlf.

hmmm, i also just purchased an ls-32-01 for my TE stick…

if the TE is just like the HRAP2, i believe this explains it in quite detail:

it appears that no extra mounting plate is required, good news for me as my order is already in on lizardlick

hmm what if i got a seimitsu ls-40-01? the plate is flat, what is the difference between that and an ls-32-01

ls-32-01 is the way to go in my opinion. Dont get me wrong, i love the jfl sticks but, there just something about the ls-32-01 that makes the feeling feel more live/responsive. its hard to explain. I got 20 ls-32-01 ready to be slap on 20 te sticks when it comes in.

hrm iuno, does anyone know of a US site that sells jlf’s that is not sold out as of right now?

Isn’t the difference between the LS-32 and the LS-32-01 just the mounting plates, with the LS-32 being flat?

Why not just grab the normal LS-32?

the regular ls-32 doesnt have the 5 pin thingy, i dont know how to solder for jack

you dont need to know how to solder to use a regular LS-32 alls you need is quick disconnects.

where would i get the mats. to make my wires qd’s, or does the se fightstick come with one?

-as you can tell im a big newb when it comes to modding sticks, bare wit me

Unless you’re going to swap out the PCB for a cthulhu board then I’m pretty sure you’ll need to solder the wires at the PCB end anyway. This means you’ll need someone to solder for you, in which case you may as well get the regular LS-32.

You can get the QD’s from Lizard Lick. Other than that, you need

  1. Wire (duh)
  2. A crimping tool. You can get that at Radio Shack or whatever other Electronics store you have in your area.

EDIT: You can also just wrap exposed wire around the prongs. You just have to be careful of two things:

  1. Stick it through the middle hole, and wrap it TIGHT. You have to make sure it makes contact with the prong consistently, otherwise, you won’t always make a connection.

  2. Make sure there are not stray wires hanging around that aren’t wrapped around the point. I’m not 100% sure, but you could probably short out the microswitches, but at the very least, mess up your inputs.

And as for the common ground, daisy chaining is your friend.

If you’re going to put the LS-32 in the Fightstick you’re better off getting the -01 so you won’t have to go through trying to daisy chain the 5 pin connector that’s already on there. Which in you’re case would mean you would have to cut off the 5 pin connector find the ground wire and daisy chain that. It sucks if you do that because now let’s say in the future you decide to put a JLF in there you’re either going to have to a( get the same JLF that’s used in the HRAP EX or b( cut the traces on the JLF TP-MA and solder directly to the switches.

Just wait for LL to get some more -01s or order from akihabara.

isen that what the 5-pin connector is for? so you dont have to solder? that would mean youd have to de-solder from the JLF,no?

Get the -01 or a jlf they use the same connector that is already in the madcats. Just plug & play. If you get a non -01 there will be cutting and xtra wiring involved.

My mistake. I originally thought that only the TE had QDs and the 5 pin connector but after looking it up it seems the SE does also. This means you can swap out the stick for a JLF or any of the -01 Seimitsu sticks. If you prefer the JLF why not order from akihabarashop? Also if you’re worried about the mounting plate, both akihabarashop and lizard lick stock mounting plates for the JLF or LS-32 so there shouldn’t be a problem there.

Sticks that will just drop right in. Ls-32-01,ls-55-01,ls-56-01, sanwa JLF. The ls-56 will require a diferent mounting plate I forget the model #. but the rest will just fit.

Where did you get this info?

  1. From personal experience. I have all I those sticks and have put them in a HRAP2. The madcatz stick uses the same universal mounting plate so they will work.
  2. In the s-kill interview he said what type of mounting plate was used and that pretty much any stick will fit.
  3. The ls-55 & ls-56 have the same mounting plate as the jlf so if a jlf will fit which it will the seimitsu’s will fit.
  4. Do a search on installing an ls-32 into a HRAP2. You will see how the universal mounting plate is designed & how the ls-32 fits right in. It is basically a 4 way s-plate so that if you are using a jlf type plate it mounts 6mm below the play surface and bolts N-S. While it allows for the s-plate on the ls-32 to sit in it and be directly under the play surface to accompdate for the shorter shaft. It needs to be rotated 90* do to the wider bolt pattern.