Mounting a LS-32 into HRAP1


I’m having an issue mounting my LS-32-01 into an HRAP1. This is the version that doesn’t support the S plate, so I’m using a flat plate instead that came with the LS-32. I can see that the screw holes in the four corners of the plate match up fine to mounting bracket. The problem I’m running into is finding the proper sized screws to actually mount this thing. The ones that were used to mount the existing Sanwa stick are too long to keep the LS-32 mounted flush against the bracket. Can anyone suggest the proper size for this? I’d hate to have to take the whole stick into a store just to size up a proper screw type.

Also, I’m aware of the height issue, as I’ve purchased a shaft extender to account for this. Just waiting on that to come in and how to fix the screw mount issue and I should be all set.



Why can’t you just buy washers/spacers for the screws???

Seriously… It’d be easier just to get washers/spacers (flat and lock washers) than it’d be to replace the original screws.

Other option other than screw replacement is to take a saw to the screws and cut them down but I wouldn’t recommend. Gets hot real fast through friction and you could end up cutting too much of a screw. Get the washers… Easiest, budget-wise solution.


I’d rather not hassle with washers and such. Searching so far has gotten me nowhere - no one knows the proper size of these things? I would imagine it’s the same as whatever is used to mount a JLF with a mounting plate. I don’t spares of these so I just need to know the size and I’ll go buy some. I’m not looking for the easy solution, just the right one. Thanks for the input though.


There’s no right solution. People can only give advice. It’s up the end-user to decide how they go about this…

There are different ways to go about this. Some require more work than others.

I like to keep the original screws unless one breaks so I don’t have to spend time looking for the right metric screw or English unit equivalent at a hardware store. The stick manufacturers never tell you which screws they use in the joysticks. You have to figure that out yourself by taking one of the OEM screws to a hardware store and spend the next hour or two looking for a screw that fits the stick case. Half the problem with Asian joysticks is that they’re metric measured. Americans live in an English hardware-standard microverse.

Washers are easier to buy and use as spacers (along with hex nuts if necessary) than messing around with cutting screws or finding the right screw that fits or “fits okay.”

Every manufacturer and even model lines within the same manufacturers change screws. The TE mount screws sure aren’t the same as the mount screws Hori uses, and even Hori is different with these screws from one stick line to another.